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 Sepulchre (Partially unsealed)

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Sepulchre (Partially unsealed) Empty
PostSubject: Sepulchre (Partially unsealed)   Sepulchre (Partially unsealed) EmptyTue May 05, 2015 1:42 am

Normal character portion:
Player ID: christenMX
Character name: Sepulchre (pronounced sep (like shep from shepherd, but without the h) ul (like ulcer) cher...basically just take the first four letters from shepherd then put them in front of ulcer and move the H to after ulcer's C)
Race: Sin Demon (wrath variant) ((similar to elemental demons, but connected to a sin instead of an element)
Body Shape: Humanoid
Age: ??? (ageless immortality, reincarnates into a new body whenever his old one dies, with indeterminable periods of time passing between incarnations)
Gender: depends on current incarnation, male soul (prefers male bodies, though finds genitalia annoying)
Height: look to gender, usually somewhere between 6'1 and 6'6
Weight: see above
Appearance: though his body's appearance changes from incarnation to incarnation, his soul (and therefore true form) appears as an athletically built (fairly muscular) humanoid male around 6'6 with three to four feet of hair, usually jet black, with every hair surrounded by a bloodred outline (his hair itself therefore appears to be solid black with a deep red outline from any angle) worn messily, but it always falls straight back for the most part. his body (soul) is covered in glowing red markings from head to toe; not even leaving his eyes alone, though those ones are hard to see. The markings are in demonic; and, due to strong associated magic, they are un-translatable, even by another demon. his wrists and shoulders have several inches of fur coming out of them (the shoulder hair resembles a lion like mane, but does not extend to his chest as well as his back), the fur only covers an inch or two front to back or side to side (depending on if you're talking about the wrist fur or shoulder/sort-of-neck fur/mane) (it's inspired by Ichigo Kurosaki's second hollow form's fur, so there you go, take that as a base), the fur is colored the same as his hair (outline and all). he wears a duster/trenchcoat (the former is a type of coat) made of shadows and divided into anywhere from 13 to 20 lines, each made of a shadow covering a thick chain (the sleeves are each one chain+shadow line), the front is connected across his body by two chains, one just above his pants, the other located just below his neck. the shadows that make up his coat are constantly shifting and turning, seeming almost like several inch wide flat strips of black flame (his pants are made the same, but the flame-like effect is limited to the end of the legs and the top of the pants at the waist). He has two circular black voids on his torso- one large one (about a foot in diameter) located in the center of his chest, the other one (smaller, only a few inches in diameter) is located in the center of his waist, just above his pants- and one in the middle of each hand, every circle cutting straight through where it is and spilling demonic shadows out of itself. his fingers and toes are all sharply pointed, like claws (which they are, just not nail-type claws), and his eyes are jet black, with no iris' or whites, his pupils are white pinpoints in the middle of his eyes, and each one spills out black energy outlined in blood red. around his neck is a large metal collar with two layers (the outer, thinner, ring and the inner, thicker, one ( both four inches thick up/down, outer ring 2 inches wide, inner one is 6) connected by 13 metal rods four inches long and half an inch in diameter, each of which end in a pointed stud on the outside, some of which have chains coming out of them, and a short spike on the inside (which penetrate his neck. he doesn't wear it willingly, it's from the beast, and acts as the hub for all of the binding chains) and around his wrists and ankles are shackles with chains that seem simultaneously broken and unbroken, an effect caused by the chains continuing into the void half-way into a link after only a few links. He also shares the same horns as the beast.
Known Languages: American English (he instinctively understands and speaks Demonic however, which translates to whatever language the listener understands best unless the language in question is Angelic), small snippets of Japanese, capable of converting to speaking high-demonic (the slightly modified version of the language used by royalty and their relatives)
Alignment: neutral
Based off of what show/game/etc: none, but takes a small amount of design inspiration from Bleach and Mechquest (more on that later)
Personality: unidentifiable due to his true personality being sealed with magic at almost all times, the false personality changes with incarnation to incarnation
Strengths: he possesses incredible strength, speed, and durability, heals much faster than most, and ages very slowly (aside from the things already mentioned). he also takes to magic, swordplay and archery quite well.
Weaknesses: holy objects are harmful to him due to his demonic nature, though he holds no distaste for them. he also feels a strong aversion to females due to an old trauma, to the point where he will often go far out of his way to avoid them when his seal is not too strong (this aversion is one of the few parts of his personality that can show through the seal)
Likes/Dislikes: music, fighting, the smell and taste of blood/females (most of the time)
Other: he is cousin to the king of hell (not Satan/Lucifer/Beelzebub or any of the other names for the Christian devil, this Dai-Maou will remain un-named unless I submit him), he is the fourth horse-man of the apocalypse.
Equipment: his shadow-cloathing, weapons, and the binding-chains of Sepulchure (his original name which was shared with the beast)
Character History: Sepulchre was born human, but when he was 16, he began undergoing a change. over a period of several months, his body began changing shape, he became taller (he was tall to begin with, so yeah) and thinner, getting muscular, and he became more and more apathetic to the world, finding it increasingly difficult to care about anything around him. He also got more violent with every day, flying into uncontrollable rages at the slightest provocation. One day, his mother (who was raising him on her own), though she was not Christian, took him to see a priest from the nearby church to have him exorcised, as she believed he had been possessed by a demon or spirit. It was there, surrounded by blessed walls and standing on hallowed ground, that he realized what he had become. He felt fear that had no source, and when he was tied to a chair (so that he would not kill them, it was his idea) and splashed with holy water, his flesh burned as if he had been splashed with acid, though it healed in seconds, and his rage transformed him: he grew horns, his fingers changed to claws, his teeth became fangs, and he sprouted black wings and a pointed tail, the final nails in the coffin, were his eyes; they were blood-red, while his whites had become jet-black. He left that church changed, though not in a way you may expect. He was at peace, he knew what he was, and accepted it, but did not let it change WHO he was, or at least not control him. However, something was missing; he had no name. He had been named at birth, yes. But as a demon, he was nameless. And sadly, that would be the case for over a thousand years. It was not until his fourth life that his name was revealed to him, and it was not his alone like it should be. His name was shared by the most feared demonic beast, a creature of unmatched power, but without mind. The beast had once been known as the God of Destruction, but had been sealed away long, long ago by the Devil-God, also known as the God of Destruction (for that was it's domain as a deity). However, it had been released from the Un-Realm by a "demon" known as SIN, to prove his power. While the beast had been released, it's true power was still sealed away by the chains which bound it. This would prove to be it's downfall, as Sepulchre (though that is not the true form of the name) would not allow anyone or anything to share his name. However, he could not kill the immortal beast...So he ate it. He was not so lucky as to gain access to it's true power however, this action merely bound the beast's "soul" to his own, causing it to become his spirit (taken from "fighting spirit" that thing that some anime show behind a character when they get fired up, though his shows up for different reasons) and grant him some level of strength that he had not yet gained access to before. From there, many things have happened, far too many for me to put into words, but some of the big things include: Changing his true names spelling, so as to prevent confusion in writing between him and his spirit; breaking down the barriers between him and the beast, causing them to become one entirely (though his spirit still takes on the beast's form); having most of his power sealed away by the high council of inter-dimensional affairs; and helping to create the ultimate equipment set, containing over seven thousand pieces to the true set, and replicas of each piece of varying strength levels that get passed to random entities upon birth across all of existence.

-Sepulchral Eye (also known as the eye of destruction, the doom-gaze, and the eyes of death): one of the few abilities from the beast that remain un-sealed, the Sepulchral eye takes the form of a magic circle over his right eye; when magic is passed through it, it releases a huge beam of destructive energy, breaking down whatever it hits at the molecular level. This ability takes quite a lot of magic to use without access to his true power, so it goes unused most of the time.
-Many lives to live: another ability taken from the beast, this ability involves cloning himself, that's about all there is to say. The true form of the ability allows for a seemingly infinite number of perfect clones to be made, but with the limitations on his power, he can only use the version he created to copy the beast's ability, which allows him to separate aspects of himself and turn them into clones. while they have the same power however, they only possess whichever attributes he used to create them, so he can only make as many clones as he is able to partition his mind and soul into parts.
-Life Magic: a Magic form which Sepulchre gained access to when he was still young (before he had even gotten his name). Life magic has many uses, ranging from healing wounds or enhancing growth and the like, to restoring youth and even bringing the dead back to life. Life magic uses quite a bit of magical power, and the speed at which Sepulchre's magic regenerates is not so quick that he can use spells carelessly, and should he use it when he is too low on magic, instead of sapping his magical power, it will instead leach from his current bodies/body's life force. (Sepulchre's bodies have incredible life force reserves, and he can always replenish them by moving to a new body (though that requires dying), so he's basically just transferring some of his temporary life to his target, which he has no qualms with, it just has a greater effect than something that regenerates quickly with time and rest, so he tries not to let it get to that point)
-tail: Sepulchre's tail can extend to practically any length, and it's tip (usually with 7 to 9 points, each with a separate prong like some kind of monstrous pitchfork) can change it's shape to fit most situations, though it can not grow more points than it's maximum, it can change their shape, size and lower their number.
-nameless ability: Sepulchre possesses the ability to manipulate demonic energy, both from his surroundings and from within himself. He can use this energy to create temporary weapons or for singular special attacks. he can also use it as a booster for his attacks, such as creating an arrow and shooting it from his bow, this possesses more power than the bow's arrows due to not using Sepulchure's energy to create the arrow, allowing more to be used in the launching/firing process. (I feel stupid for forgetting this one, and stupider because I'm unable to properly represent the actuality of the ability, only being able to give the truncated version)
-Sepulchral Body: Sepulchre possesses the Beast's ability to shapeshift into most any form, due to being the new incarnation of the Beast, but has extreme trouble making any use of it (even with practice, it makes no difference) whether he's sealed or not. So instead, he has Beasts graft themselves onto his body (really just lay on him and meld onto him), using their substance/essence to create new forms. These forms are almost useless as any kind of disguise, due to the obvious traits of the Beast showing, but are useful as both a protective armor (with physical amplifications as a bonus) and a scare tactic (due to the Beast being quite terrifying). This comes with the ability to use Sepulchral weapons with more ease, as he does not need to call a Beast out, he can just use it to make the weapon off his body. Sepulchre keeps one Beast bonded to his hair at all times, making it easy to use for a sneak attack.

(with regards to the "Life Magic" entry, Sepulchre's average life span (when not using healing enhancements such as his life magic) is approximately anywhere from ten to a hundred thousand years. But that is merely age based, as wounds change the numbers quite a bit, since his life force is used to control the speed of the healing process for greater wounds (such as needing to grow a new body part, or heal a dismembered piece back on, or close a large hole up quickly to prevent blood loss, stuff like that), and so takes its toll on his age limit, though exactly how much is unknown. when transferring his life force using life magic, it has been calculated that doing something like restoring youth will have a one to five (or five to one, don't know) ratio, with the transferee getting five times the life he gives, due to how strong his life force needs to be to operate such a body. healing wounds on another is a different matter entirely, and I don't know exactly what cost that would take from him.)

Weapon1: Gluttony (a technically nameless blade made from the flesh and blood of demons, many refer to it as gluttony due to the fact that it will eat any demon it cuts and will never be full)
Weapon Abilities: upon cutting any creature demonic in nature (or once it has done enough damage to a stronger demon) it will consume them, adding their mass to itself and allowing it to grow more when being used. changes into whatever shape it's wielder wishes.

Weapon2: sin-slaying blade, Masamune
Weapon Abilities: Masamune feeds upon the sins of it's target; the greater the sins committed, and the more of them the stronger the blade and it's attacks become. Masamune can launch a blast of concentrated demonic energy and magic powered by the sins of the target. The wielder can also feed their sins into the blade to increase it's power against any target. (the blade is in the shape of a katana, and is permanently bound to Sepulchre, being formed from the power of his soul)

Weapon3: Binding Chains
Weapon info: The chains that bound/bind Sepulchure, some end in bladed spikes, others in shackles, he can call upon them to bind enemies or just attack them. they are indestructible except by him.

Ultimate Weapon of Destruction: Sepulchure
Info: The beast can take on most any form, as such, it can be used as weaponry by Sepulchre. The most common forms he has his spirit (and it's clones) take are:
-Broadsword: the beast takes on the form of a six foot broadsword that curves inward on either side for a few inches, the beast's head is the cross-guard, the blade coming from it's mouth, and it's tail acting as the handle.
-Bow: The beast takes on the form of a longbow capable of launching volley after volley of powerful arrows made from demonic energy, uses the broadsword form as a base, the blade becomes the (what I can only describe as) arms (due to not knowing bow anatomy like I know sword anatomy), the handle becoming what amounts to an aiming aid, and the cross-guard becoming the part being held, with the beasts mouth clamping onto Sepulcre's hand and arm
-spear/lance: basically just the broadsword form, but with a smaller blade and longer handle. When it's thrown and hits it's target (or the ground or a wall, or you know, pretty much anything that provides resistance) it releases a large blast of destructive demonic energy and then returns to Sepulchre. (he can cause Sepulchure to multiply and take on this form and then launch itself out in volleys should he so choose)
-Scythe: similar to the broadsword and spear forms with the tail becoming the handle and the mouth producing the blade. The blade of the scythe form is extremely chaotic in form, shifting constantly, growing new parts, often having eyes, or fangs, or even claws occasionally. The blade portion clocks in at an average length of around five feet (which is huge for a scythe), while the handle comes out closer to seven feet (though it can extend with a mere mental command of will from Sepulchre), and has an armored pattern to it (plating, with each section leading into the next, both handle and blade are black with a red outline, as is the head, though the outline does enough to highlight what the black already shows for shape). When the wicked scythe is used, it can release demonic, destructive, entropic, or chaotic energy following the curve of the swing should Sepulchre wish it. Sepulchre is quite adept at using the scythe form. Despite using it less often than the others, he seems to actually be quite a bit better with scythe form than the others (those being the ones listed above, he is proficient with all forms of weaponry, but seems to be best with small arms, swords, bows, spears, scythes, and a few throwing weapons)

Sepulchure information: Also known as "the Beast" and "the God of Destruction(/the Destruction God)", this creature once terrorized many worlds, and has become so famous that any demonic creature, even those that weren't originally demons, will know of it and be able to recognize it without ever having been told of it. it takes on many forms, but always seems to be simultaneously skeletal and full-bodied, it is always solid black with a red outline from any angle, no matter the form, and while it's head may change, it always wears it's horns and fangs:
[Only admins are allowed to see this image]
(the shadowscythe symbol from mechquest, which inspired the head of Sepulchure. However, everything else about it comes from me.) Sepulchre gets his eyes from the beast.

Destr Blade: a sword made from what could only be called the corpses of Sepulchral Beasts. From time to time, Sepulchre feels that he needs to provide a Beast Life (one of the Many Lives to Live clones) with sentience and intelligence for them to accomplish a mission. When the Beast life he gives a mind to either fails or disobeys him, he will impale them with this blade, trapping their essence and power within it (which presents no problem, as all Beast Lives are equally powerful (that power being the true power of the Beast, though Sepulchre cannot command them to use this full power in his sealed state), when this blade is put to use, fractions of the power of each Beast is used with every swing (with each Beast giving less and less energy/power with every additional one trapped within the blade, though not so much as to keep it at the exact same power-per-swing (PPS), while trapped within the blade, Sepulchures cannot regain power, so this is very important)
Weapon traits: whenever the Destr comes into contact with something, anything, that something will begin to melt, as if simultaneously by heat and acid, though only the parts touching the blade. This is caused by a combination of the destructive powers and entropic powers of sepulchure, and whatever is affected releases a seemingly gaseous substance that is, from any angle of observation, pure black with a blood red outline. Demonic observers have often mistaken it for demonic energy, however, it is actually destruction and entropy (and their effects) given form, physical essence. Whenever the weapon is swung, it releases large amounts of this "substance", destroying the air (and anything else) in the path of its swing, this is only counteracted by the basic powers of creation and growth (two of Sepulchre/Sepulchure's polar opposite's domains, and the opposition to destruction and entropy (which is defined as decay when not referring to scientific theory) respectively), the..."wave" or "whip", or whatever else the effects manifest as, will dissipate within a few seconds, leaving anything that was in their path devastated. Because of the blade's affect on everything around it, it seems to constantly emit a red outlined black smoke or mist. The blade has powers of chaos as well, however, these (ironically enough) are completely controlled by Sepulchre.

unorthodox weapon: Skulls
description and abilities: these are Sepulchre's own decapitated skulls, enchanted to go wherever he throws them to, seeking out whatever target he chooses. many are attached to chains, which gives him the ability to haul whatever the skulls attach to (by way of biting and clamping down) to him or to the ground. Sepulchre is quite adept at using these from long or short range (by throwing or using as a kind of flail or something).

Boss portion:
ID Name: Sepulchre

Character Name: Sepulchre Von Kusver Es'te (roughly estimated to be "Sepulchre of the destruction", demons who use this naming style actually adopted "Von" into the language (High Demonic), but there is no exact definition for the word, and it seems to only have rough translations that change depending on who's using the word and for what)

Race: Grand Demon Beast (technically just "Demon" but there are so many differences between regular demons and the Demon Beasts that it warrants being referred to as it's own race) (Ninth Beast, Beast of Destruction, Entropy, and Chaos)

Physical Description: Appears as a young man (anywhere from his mid teens to late twenties) with Black hair that has a red outline, he is fairly muscular, and has hair/tufts of fur coming from his shoulders that goes slightly down onto his chest, and goes across his back to connect both shoulder tufts. also has tufts on both wrists and ankles. His fingers and toes are claws (form of those and fur inspired by Ichigo Kurosaki's second hollow form from the arrancar arc (maybe the assault on Karakura town arc), all fur is colored identically to his hair). In his chest and stomach are two holes (size and relative position described in "norm portion"), as well as a hole going through each hand. all holes are constantly leaking a black mist, the holes in his hands leak mist with a red outline, and have white dots that move around on the back of his hand, while the palms have a white pentagram (the five point star portion, the circle is already in his hand, and mist doesn't come out of the bottom). (I think that's about as much as I need to expand on, rest of description is already above) height is 7'3

Minions: the Beast clones he makes, but he prefers to fight himself

Intentions: maintaining balance in existence, making sure that destruction, chaos, and entropy do not exceed creation, order, and growth. He must also make sure the opposite doesn't happen.

Abilities: (will not list the abilities from above, only abilities unique to his boss version will go here)
-Domain: This entails that he now has access to the powers of his Domain -that being Destruction, Chaos, and Entropy (un-creation, disorder, and decay)- meaning he can destroy (truly destroy, not break), decay, and create chaos (though he must display control to not exceed his opposite's ability to create, maintain order, and incite growth)
-Harvest: when an opponent is weak enough (weakened, damaged, harmed) Sepulchre can use one of his more powerful weapons to separate the soul of the subject from their body.
-Consume: after using "Harvest" Sepulchre can consume a bodiless soul, converting its sins into low grade demonic energy, and sending the soul on to the appropriate section of the afterlife. (alternatively known as "Judgment and sentencing")

-Fear the Reaper: Sepulchre begins by charging his specific demonic energy at the tip (just beyond the tip actually) of his right or left forefinger, forming a concentrated sphere of black and red "light" (energy), after which, he unleashes the collected energy in the form of anywhere from ten to ten thousand (depending on how long he has to prepare) Beast Lives, all focusing on Entropy first, and Destruction second (forgoing Chaos to focus on the former two). The Beasts (seeming to be more rotted than normal due to using more entropy and forgoing balance because of it) rush at the target and devour it (or attempt to at least). Even should the Beasts fail to consume their target, anything touched by them will begin succumbing to Senescence and Entropy extremely quickly. He always starts off with a specific "poem" of sorts, somewhat like a ritual or incantation.

Number of players required to fight: anywhere from two to four (depending on character strength), but if the characters being used are too weak, they would all lose the fight, regardless of numbers.

Personality:  cold and heartless, he feels no emotions and experiences none of the seven sins aside from wrath, and holds nothing dear aside from family.

History: listed above

Number of Alternate forms: None, technically, capable of melding with Beasts to use them for shapeshifting, weapons, and armor, each form is made on the fly by him, and so can't be listed as an actual "Alternate form" that he has set in stone.

Escape Solution: reincarnates after dying, without fail.

Special Boss Abilities/Traits:
-Blood king demon: Sepulchre (while partially unsealed) has access to all of his abilities from his time before consuming/becoming the Beast.
-Enhanced body: Sepulchre has the same physical attributes as prior to becoming the Beast, however, they have been greatly enhanced, as have his speed, strength, endurance, and stamina (well, it would be if his stamina wasn't endless/infinite). His previous abilities have also undergone enhancement from the seal's power being reduced (being approximately double their previous strength).

Boss Specific weapons:
Death's Terrible Sword: The blade of the reaper, this sword is colored pure black, and is constantly wreathed in an ethereal green flame, with venom dripping from the tip of the blade. Death's sword can cut through anything material or spectral without effort when in the hands of a mortal, and when wielded by a god or a being with the power of a god, it can cut through space, time, and the conceptual as easily as the material and spectral. As its wielder has power equal to that of a god but is sealed, the blade remains in its sword form (instead of shrinking to the size and shape of a small dagger) but does not retain its ability to cut through reality and concept, only the material and spectral. (capable of separating an entity's soul from the body when Sepulchre is sending power through it to do so)

Seki & Gami: a twin pair of enchanted handguns which carry thousands of bullets in clips that fit into the handles. By siphoning magic and demonic energies from their surroundings they are able to achieve a similar effect to Death's Terrible Sword, and pierce through any material or spectral entity.

Rapture: a powerful magical handgun similar to Seki and Gami, with a similar enchantment on its magazines, but with a much higher caliber bullet being fired. Rapture is an intensely holy weapon, and its primary purpose is slaying/destroying demons and the demonic (also things that are simply unholy). the gun seems to have an underlying cross like design to it and on the main body of the gun, and is colored primarily a light blue with golden yellow highlights and undertones.

Battle Music: blitzkrieg: [Only admins are allowed to see this link] and "God Mode" by "Sons of Amon": [Only admins are allowed to see this link]

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PostSubject: Re: Sepulchre (Partially unsealed)   Sepulchre (Partially unsealed) EmptyTue May 05, 2015 5:54 pm

Sepulchre, physical stats:
-Strength: max one handed-2 tons; max two handed-10 tons; leg-work- 12 ton lift capability; Tail lifting potential- 7 tons
-Speed: tops out at mach 3 when sealed fully, with physical boost from partial unsealing, tops out at mach 4; top tail movement speed-mach 7
-Endurance: unknown, seems to be able to take massive amounts of force, but exact numbers are difficult to calculate (To make an attempt to calculate, take his physical attributes, then move them up one (skin becomes as strong as his muscles were, muscles go to bone level, bones get even stronger, about three times stronger, when he became Sepulchre.) Try and multiply that by a factor of three, and you should be close enough)
Stamina: infinite
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Sepulchre (Partially unsealed)
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