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 Son of Sepulchre/Sepulchure

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PostSubject: Son of Sepulchre/Sepulchure   Tue Mar 31, 2015 2:51 am

Player ID: Sepulchre
Character name: Kuseve (pronounced koo-say-vay) Kahaseva (Kah-Hah-Say-Vah) Es'Ter (the way you pronounce S when reading the alphabet (you don't read it as the sounds they make, remember?) then tear, as in to tear something, rip it) (demonic, literally translates to destroyer son the, but is meant to be translated as the son of destruction. I may have had a middle name in there and forgotten it, Es'Ter is an anagram of Tser, which means "The", and comes after a word to make it a title, Es'Ter is the version used for names instead of titles.)
Race: Demon
Body Shape: Humanoid
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Height: 6'4
Weight: 190.96 pounds (Ideal male weight for a person his height)
Appearance: I don't know his exact form yet, but here are the facts I currently know: 1st, he either has his father's early eyes, meaning black sclera, red iris' (blood red), and black pupils; OR, he has his father's LATER eyes, which are entirely black outside of a practically infinitely small glowing white dot in the center, and a flame like black aura that extends outside the boundaries of the actual eye with a blood red rim. 2nd, he has a tail which is long, black, and either has armoring that resembles braided hair, or is kinda thin with a slightly leathery shine, ending in five prongs, the center one being a triangle (okay, I'm not going to describe it, I'm just going to give a comparison, the megaman Zero series Z-Saber post first game, that kind of triangley thing), and the others being of shapes I can't describe. well, if you took a crescent and straightened it out a lit...a lot, you would get a shape similar, oh, and you would need to make it a bit thicker too, the curve goes outward so that the point points towards the center prong, and they are on either side, there are smaller ones just a bit closer to the center prong (the larger ones are connected a few inches down from the center prong), the tail prongs are bladed. and INCREDIBLY sharp. He has two horns, I don't know the shape, so we'll go with the early Sepulchre style horns for now, his teeth can be human or like his father's, and half the time he has claws. I don't know anything about his hair other than it's black, and doesn't look stupid.
Known Languages: Demonic, High Demonic, Low demonic (like the cockney dialect for British versus the posh British accent you often see royals or butlers with (in movies and television), only replace British with Demonic)
Alignment: unknown
Prime Sin: likely Wrath (given who his father is)
Based off of what show/game/etc:
Personality: He's a very young character, and his personality has yet to fully develop in my mind, just like his personal appearance
Strengths: Exceptionally good vocalist (singer), physically very powerful (high STR, END, SPD(speed), and Stamina (which I don't know the RPG shortening for), intelligent, incredibly gifted at energy manipulation (especially demonic energy, he could theoretically open the gate to access the true unrefined demonic energy with enough practice)
Weaknesses: Extremely inexperienced, he has only had access to his demonic powers for a short time, and has little to no practice with using them; because of his youth he is very energetic, and while this can be a good thing, it's not always best to be jumping around like some kind of maniac on the battlefield, it's almost bound to get you hurt.
Likes/Dislikes:underdeveloped. He likely likes music and his family, and probably doesn't like pain.
Theme Song: I'm thinkin' "Don't stop me now", by Queen. but that may change, it's just the song I'm listening to while I write him (at least up to the point when I wrote this part, which was before history, appearance, abilities, techniques, weapons, and equipment, but after likes/dislikes, strengths and weaknesses, personality, prime sin, based off(which is blank because he isn't based on a show/game/etc, but my own personal stories), alignment, known languages, weight, height, gender, body shape, age, race, and name.)
Equipment: Excalibur
Character History: He was conceived and born some number of years prior to Sepulchre having his power sealed by the high council of interdimensional affairs (HCIA...wow, once I typed out the acronym for "council of interdimensional affairs" I realized I named them the "CIA" without EVER realizing it. I only added the H as an after thought, originally I wasn't going to include the "High" in the acronym (it was there in full above, just not in the acronym) so, yeah. Weird.), because of that event, he grew up mostly without a father (Or mother, I really don't know yet. I don't even know who the other parent was, or if they were a shapeshifter that could have accommodated being either mother or father, or anything. I only know that he is Sepulchre's son) and was likely teased constantly. When he was in his late teens, he got into trouble with the wrong people, and ended up being beheaded, which activated his demonic powers (being his first death), after-which he killed his murderers on the spot, and wandered off. At some point, he met his father's cousin(the king of hell guy), who insisted on being considered his uncle instead of cousin once removed (or whatever. He and the kid's father aren't related the way humans are, they are related through very different means, and the terminology "Cousin" is just for convenience). After some time had passed, he met his father once more-who only recognized him through his demonic signature (energy signature)- and they discussed the years they had been apart (though for his father it was more like centuries). After they had caught up, his father gave him an old blade of his which he couldn't use now because of the circumstances, telling him to keep it safe, and let it keep him safe, before going on his way once more.

Abilities: Energy manipulation (especially demonic energy),basic magical abilities, minor elemental control probably,...okay, maybe not that last one, he would probably have chaos, entropy, and destruction powers of incredible strength, but wouldn't be able to use them well or at all yet,...other than that, I don't really know yet.

Alt-form(AKA: Devil-Boost): Devil boost is the name currently being used for the ascended state achieved when one taps into the power of the fragment of the grand demon Darkness' soul. As Kuseve was born a demon, unlike his father, he has a fragment, and can therefore activate this secondary state. To activate DB, he has to either suffer a sufficient amount of damage, or absorb demonic (or otherwise) energy from around him, once reaching a certain point being able to enter DB and gain the bonuses (which will be updated later, I'll try to refrain from using it very much until I've completed it to the point of my own satisfaction with it).
-His strength, speed, endurance (ability to take a beating), and regenerative abilities are greatly increased in this form
-When using Devil-Boost, Kuseve's abilities (those in the abilities section) are all enhanced with a x2 modifier, with further enhancement for every enemy he kills (one for x3, two for x4, four for x5, doubling each time and capping out with a x9 modifier, so not exactly EVERY enemy, but you get the point...probably more of a control boost than power boost)
-elemental alignment: when in Devil-Boost (DB), he can change his elemental alignment on the fly, granting him elemental control, the imbuement of elements into his attacks, and a weakness to the opposite element (which isn't always what one might expect). (..okay, this ability is obviously incomplete, I'll refrain from using it until I actually have a list of effects on others and himself from the use of this)

Techniques: none yet, he(and I) hasn't had the time to develop any.

Weapon1 Excalibur: a powerful sword created with demonic and angelic (more specifically, it was a joint effort between heaven and hell, with the God Michael and the Devil lord (who has been mentioned previously, but never in more than reference. His name has not been revealed, but I DO know it) leading the project and putting the most into it) powers and magics to destroy evil. and demons. Those who are evil can not wield it, but you don't have to be good to wield it.
Weapon Abilities: it can destroy anything evil with only a few strokes, and when its wielder is strong enough, it can bless them, giving them a powerful armor which protects them from the forces of evil (and makes them appear to be both angelic and demonic simultaneously, though it leans more towards angelic). It can also fire out energy blasts made of magic which are extremely powerful (if the wielder is strong enough to USE that power) and exceptionally effective at killing evil things.

Weapon2: Holy hand grenade (okay, I don't count this as a "based on" thing, because this weapon has extended across MANY different entertainment sources, so is too widespread to really count, kinda like Excalibur, it originally comes from Arthurian legend, but is in so many things now that you couldn't say it's based on any ONE of them (as in not even one) )
Weapon Abilities: it explodes, and then incapacitates any nearby demons or other evil things (he makes them himself with various things that hold holy power- though not holy water, as it would burn his flesh like acid, and would be too dangerous- before adding a natural explosive similar to gunpowder, but much stronger despite having a reduced range it can cause damage to (it has a greater short range effect).

Other1: fragment beast.
Description: being the son of Sepulchre, he has his own "Beast" attached to his soul, which can shapeshift or manifest. It's weaponry shapeshifting is limited to one form, unlike Sepulchre's Beast's unlimited forms due to being, for one, incomplete, and for two, immature (meaning it hasn't had the time to mature to its full power). It will activate on its own, manifesting itself as a guardian for Kuseve should it feel that he is in danger to a level which he can not survive, or does not have a good enough chance.
Guardian form: it manifests as a shadowy flame like humanoid torso with two to four arms ending in beastly claws. It's head is halfway between humanoid and beastly, with modified horns (from the true beast's horns' shape). Its torso rises from the ground with a shifting shadowy rift at the connecting point (color is obviously black with a red outline).
Weapon form: The beast changes shape and becomes a three barreled flintlock pistol, the barrels coming from its mouth, which fires intense demonic energy pellets (shaped like the shells or ball things fired from flintlocks), the handle pulls back a bit (not going straight down, but instead going at a somewhat more...less(?) intense angle from a normal one (it...*crickets chirp*doesn't angle/go down as harshly/quickly) and is "ribbed" like it had demonic armor plating with several layers. (color is a deep red that gets less deep as it moves out, eventually ending up at about blood colored. the barrels are iron black with a nice shine.)

Weapon: ??
Weapon Abilities: ??
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Son of Sepulchre/Sepulchure
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