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 Talon Erashous

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PostSubject: Talon Erashous   Talon Erashous EmptyFri Jun 10, 2016 11:09 am

Player ID: Crazyzealot
Character name: Talon Erashous
Race: Elven Sorcerer
Body Shape: Humanoid
Class: Sorcerer - Draconic Bloodline(Gold)
Age: 100
Gender: Male
Height: 4'9"
Weight: Light
Appearance: Rather thin, androgynous build and face. Pink eyes. Medium length pink hair.
Known Languages: English, Elven, Magical language, Draconic
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Based off of what show/game/etc: Dungeons and Dragons, a bit of Bayonetta
Personality: Cocky
Strengths: His spells, speed, and regeneration. Sword and gun combat training. Time stopping powers do not affect him due to his magical abilities.
Weaknesses: His only real defensive spell is regeneration, plus he is more speed oriented. Time stop does not work on others with the power to control time.
Other: Homosexual.
Equipment: A black and purple armored robe, with the thighs and fingers exposed. For no other reason than because he thinks it looks good.
Weapons:Summoned weapons, such as a flame sword and a lightning whip.
Character History: WIP, but he's an Elf Sorcerer.
Theme music:
They Are All Those of Justice:

Blink - Short range teleport
Dark Vision - Can see in the dark. Natural elf ability
Charm Person - Can manipulate opponents using magic.
Stop time - Can stop the flow of time for up to 24 seconds.
Regeneration - Has a slow healing factor as a side effect of his enchantments.
Windblast - Blows his target backwards, tends to be used to smash open doors.
Pull - Pull objects towards him.
Weapon Enchantment - Can enchant a weapon of his choice with a form of energy, choosing from holy, demonic, fire, ice, and electricity.
Summoned Swords - Summons a sword(s) composed of pure void energy, sending them right at his target.
Witch bolt - can fire a beam of pure magic energy, can be composed of any form of energy including fire, ice, and lightning. He can sustain this beam for several minutes, causing constant damage.
-Shocking grasp - Can charge electricity through his hands and weapons.
Weapon summoning - Can summon a weapon made of pure magical energy, whether made of flames, lightning, or ice. Can be used to summon any melee weapon, but only simple throwing weapons in terms of ranged abilities, though he can summon bullets for his guns.
Due to his preferred method of loading guns and the lack of ability for mundane firearms to handle magical power, he can only fire a few shots from mundane firearms before they break in his hands.
Demon summoning - Can summon demons into battle. It takes a few minutes to fully bring one out, but for quick attacks he can open a small demon gate in a quick second to have a demon use a quick attack, or block for him.
He has numerous other spells, too many to list, but his most powerful is time manipulation.

Combat Techniques:
-Slowing/pausing time to slap bullets away.
-Will add more later.

Lives in a castle that he summoned in some stories. The castle is guarded by numerous living suits of armor(sitting in place in disguise as decorative suits of armor) and magical wards, including some that disable the magic of anyone except Talon unless he disables those at will. It is able to be teleported to other locations when needed, including a large underground area when he needs it hidden.

Armor(Replace the brown with pink):
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Talon Erashous
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