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 Talon Hawke

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PostSubject: Talon Hawke   Talon Hawke EmptyFri Jun 10, 2016 11:08 am

Player ID: Crazyzealot
Character name: Talon Hawke
Race: Demonically mutated human.
Body Shape: Humanoid
Age: Appears to be in her 20s
Gender: Intersex, female gender.(Due to minor demonic mutation from absorbing demon souls.
Height: 6'10"
Weight: A bit heavy
Appearance: Tall with a toned physique. Has shoulder length white hair and red eyes, and scars all across her body and face, coming from years of combat. Her healing factor heals most of the damage after she becomes demonic, but her former scars stay. Rather large breasted.
Wears a leather jacket, pants, and boots with retractable foot blades. Has a sigil on the back of her left hand.
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Known Languages: English, Demonic.
Alignment: Neutral Good
Based off of what show/game/etc: Painkiller, Doom, Castlevania
Personality: Cocky. Rather lustful as well after being corrupted. Though that was the only personality change.
Strengths: Her demonically mutated physiology makes her stronger, faster, and regenerate, and makes her ageless. Able to absorb demon souls, absorbing enough at once makes her have to vent it all out. Explosively.
Weaknesses: She may be able to regenerate wounds, but taking enough wounds will kill her. Especially decapitation.
Other: Bisexual
Character History:

Talon was a warrior, living on an alternate version of Earth. Wearing the knight armor of her demon hunting order, she had slain numerous demons that managed to make their way onto earth. Until the day when Hell invaded. It was a quick attack, the world was invaded by demons. Most humans on earth were converted into zombies or other lesser demons through possession. She and her group had fought their way through numerous attacks, before coming upon a hellgate. Her group was wiped out before she made her way in, which changed her. The gate attempted to corrupt her entirely, but the mark of her order managed to make it happen half-way.

Her hair whitened and her eyes reddened, but otherwise she was physically unchanged. She fought her way through hell using only a sword, until a weapon merchant actually made her an offer. He didn't care for the way Hell was being ruled, so he'd give her weapons in return for taking out the ruler. Which she managed to do, though that left the way open for an even worse ruler to take over.

This ruler, fearing her taking him out like she did the previous one, threw her out of Hell into one of the many different versions of Earth. She wandered about the world, killing random hostile demons and monsters when she came across them.
Her clothing.

(Only applies if character has abilities or techniques)
Demonic soul absorption(Even has this before she's altered. A sigil on her left hand meant for demon slaying): She can absorb demons souls in combat, whether through ripping through them and grabbing the soul, or pulling it to her through a green beam of energy. She can also grab demons by their soul and pull them to her as a grapple move.
Enhanced strength, speed, and jumping capability.
Devil Trigger: When she absorbs enough souls, her form becomes that of a very powerful demon. She can telekinetically blast large groups of enemies into walls with a high enough wind speed to destroy them.
Mini hell portals: Is able to pull her weapons out of miniature hell portals.

(Only applies if character has weapons)
A greatsword. Before being corrupted, she had one with holy energy for the purpose of slaying demons, but the enchantment stopped working after she was corrupted.
Two demonic looking revolvers, able to fire regular bullets or explosive rounds.
A shotgun, able to fire high power shells or ice rounds for freezing her enemies.
Stakegun: A gun that fires long wooden stakes at a speed high enough to pin enemies to walls. Invented for vampire hunting, but just as good for demon slaying. Also fires bombs as an alt fire.
Rocket-Chaingun: A chaingun that has a rocket launcher in the middle of the barrel.
SMG/Flamethrower: A submachine gun with a flamethrower attached
Electrodriver: Can shoot shurikens, lightning, or a shuriken that emits lightning.
Weapon Abilities: (if applicable)
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Talon Hawke
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