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 The Collector/The Legend Eater

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PostSubject: The Collector/The Legend Eater   Thu Apr 02, 2015 3:55 am

Player ID: Sepulchre
Character name: As yet unnamed. perhaps one day. apparently referred to as the collector.
Race: unidentified, most likely human
Body Shape: Humanoid
Age: unknown, thought to likely be decades, but possibly centuries old, as tales have persisted since olden times.
Gender: purportedly male
Height: approx 7'6
Weight: approx 261.8 pounds
Appearance: Not much is known of his appearance, mostly only that he must be fairly muscular from how he appears in his garb, his hair is silver (like the metal); and his eyes shift from Blue (like the skies or the ocean, depending on mood, the latter being darker) to red (anywhere from the color of blood to the color of fire), depending on the circumstances, those this may be just fiction meant to carry on the idea that he is anything but a mortal man. On his right forearm is a silver gauntlet with a red ovular gemstone planted in the back of the hand, and he wears three swords, one on either hip and one slung across his back with the hilt over his right shoulder. His face is mostly covered, so there are few who speak of it, those who do are often regarded as liars, and none of their descriptions match. sometimes he is seen wearing a helmet colored black, with what appears to be a lion's pelt underneath, while other times it seems to be missing despite him walking as if the weight were still there. (the "scarf" style he wears the "ribbon" in bunches up a bit as it rises from shoulder height to face height, like if you took a blanket, folded it so that it retained its length, and then wrapped that around your face and shoulders like a scarf, but without leaving the end piece just flapping around, until I find the actual piece of clothing you do that with, which I based that aesthetic design off of, I'll have to leave it like this.)
Known Languages: Theoretically all earthen languages
Alignment: Neutral
Prime Sin: Greed, perhaps. Maybe Envy.
Based off of what show/game/etc: it could be argued that he is based off final fantasy's Gilgamesh, but whoever argued for that side would be seriously wrong. I was watching a video on ten legendary items (by Mathew Santoro) and decided to make a character who was a legend hunter. If anything, that video would be what he's based on, since it's what inspired me to make him.
Personality: some call him brave, others a fool. He knows neither fear nor pain, and seeks out all that is spoke in legend with a fire unmatched by mere mortal men.
Strengths: an incredible sense of direction; the ability to "sniff out" any legendary item, no matter how little is known of it's position; his incredibly large arsenal of legendary items, most of which are magical.
Weaknesses: he is greedy, and will take any chance necessary to get his hands on a legendary item, or an item with powers that would make it legendary (legend/ary/ class items).
Likes/Dislikes: Legendary items/things that get in his way (especially when a legendary item is to come)
Other: He and The Nameless not only know each other, but have gone on several adventures together.
Theme Song:
Equipment: will be listed below as "Previous conquests". ...perhaps I should list the things he uses most often. Caliburn, Gram, and Caladbolg are always at his side (well, Caliburn and Caladbolg are anyways, Gram is slung across his back, having been reforged into an even better (and unfortunately larger) state), He keeps Durandal bound inside of the magic satchel by way of a reforged Loeðing and Drómi, He wears mythril chainmail at all times, with a simple white t-shirt with the sleeves cut off and a cross painted in blood on the front over it. He wears the Ribbon that bound Fenrir as a scarf, covering his lower face, his shoulders, and a portion of the farthest up part of his upper chest (just below the neck and stuff). Over his head he wears two things, the hide of the nemean lion, and over top of that he wears the helm of shadows. He always carries with him three spears, Gáe Bulg/Bolg, Poseidon's trident or Hades' bident (or the devil's pitchfork occasionally), and either Gungnir or Longinus. He always is wearing the Seven-league boots (he cleans them once a month), and the hide of leviathan forms his pants. On his right and left forearms respectively he wears Svesti and Bare-Flesh. He keeps in the satchel when not in use Priwen, Carnwennan, Rhongomiant, Goswhit, the Gáe Buide, the Gáe Derg, (the other spears of the trinity, not referring to the Gáe Buide and the Gáe Derg), and the Aegis.
Character History: This man has walked the earth for many years, and his legend has been spoken for what seems like centuries. Little is known of him aside from his fiery determination to grasp all legendary items, cursed or not, and no two recountings of his presence are the same aside from the fact that he appeared for an item. It is said that he slew gods for their possessions, and has terrorized even the devil for the things which have been spoken of in connection to him. These are commonly accepted as nothing more than fictitious stories, tales of incredible feats not unlike those which have been spread for millennia. Many refer to him as nothing more than..."The Collector". (okay, I basically will be thought to have stolen that from some comic company, but come on. Without anything to go on, that really is what people would call someone like him.)

Techniques:) to be saved for a later date

Previous Conquests: (most of which can be found (detail wise) at [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] (don't click on it. I just found out the link doesn't work. copy-paste it into your URL bar, and hit enter, it works that way.)
 -The Armor of Karna
 -The Armor of Achilles
 -Mythril Chainmail
 -The Helm of Darkness
 -The Tarnhelm
 -Goswhit (the crown of king Arthur)
 -The Aegis
 -The shield of Achilles
 -The shield of Joseph (of Arimathea)
 -The shield of El Cid
 -The Shield of Evalach
 -The Svalinn
 -The shield of Vishnu
 -Caliburn/Caledfwlch/Calesvol/Kaledvoulc'h/Caliburnus/Excalibur, King Arthur's sword (he refers to it most often as Caliburn or Caliburnus)(to Caledfwlch: (technically a different blade, but so often compared to Caliburn that if you look up Excalibur, it will appear as one of the different language adaptions of the blade's name)
 -Carnwennan, the dagger of King Arthur (I would have put it under daggers or something, but I don't care enough about the other ones listed to    put them in yet.)
 -The incantations for several Astra, supernatural weapons from Hindu mythology
 -Crocea Mors
 -Gan Jiang and Mo Ye
 -Thuận Thiên
 -The Kladenets (also known as Samosek/samosyok)
 -The Sword of Peleus
 -Shamshir-e Zomorrodnegar
 -The Flaming Sword (possibly several variations there-of)
 -Claiomh Solais
 -Cosgarach Mhor
 -Mac an Luin
 -Moralltach and Beagalltach
 -Nothung (not a typo, find it under "Swords from continental Germanic mythology")
 -Grail Sword
 -Sword with the Red Hilt (I kid you not, that's the name.)
 -Gram (it has been reforged, the new one is HUGE! The blade alone is a foot wide, an inch thick, and its length (for JUST THE BLADE! not the hilt and stuff!) clocks in at a whopping SEVEN FEET! He swings it around one handed too, only using both hands when he wants to absolutely destroy something. It's really powerful. that being said, only used as a last resort in most cases. Also, I probably don't need to say this, but Gram is heavy as FUCK, no human would be able to lift it. The only reason he can is Svesti, so it can't be stolen by people who would usually think to steal it. and no one really does anyway, it's entirely impractical for a normal person.)
 -Rhongomiant, King Arthur's Spear
 -Gunnar's Atgeir
 -The Gáe Buide and the Gáe Derg
 -Gáe Bulg/Gáe Bolg (sometimes referred to as the belly spear)
 -Lúin of Celtchar
 -Devil's pitchfork
 -Poseidon's Trident
 -Holy Lance/Spear of Destiny/Spear of/Longinus (as it is also often referred to as simply Longinus despite technically being the spear OF Longinus, the Roman soldier who pierced Jesus' side with his lance to check and see if he was truly dead)
 -Gae Assail
 -Chronus' Scythe (while not technically a spear, the only other scythe worthy of note in my opinion (if there even are any other moderately well known scythes of legend) is the scythe of Death, and that would be FAR MORE than overpowered, even if it was one of the many items he didn't carry with him for use.)
 -Heracles's bow
 -Eurytus' bow
Axes and Hammers:
 -Axe of Perun
 -Hammer of Hephaestus
Projectile Weapons:
 -Zeus' Thunderbolt/s
 -Magic Bullet/s
 -Enchanted silver bullets
 -Hide of Leviathan
 -The hide of the Nemean Lion
 -Mantle of Arthur
 -The Seven-league boots (which he modified, whenever he wears them, he can either take strides of seven leagues, or he can move with superhuman  speed, appearing as nothing more than a blur to those watching without magic or science to visually slow his movements (or extremely heightened senses. He may well have combined them with the Fast-walker Boots)
 -Robe of the Fire-rat
  -Svesti, a gauntlet made from the right hand of a demon of steel. in the back of the hand is embedded the giant demon's left eye, which was made of crystal and colored as blood. It's wearer is granted superhuman strength, but is cursed to a terrible fate which will not be revealed until they are near death.
  -Bare-Flesh, another gauntlet made from the flesh of a demon, this one worn over the left arm. It grants strange and terrible abilities to the wearer, but only when active. When inactive, it is as if the gauntlet is not there.
Jewelry: (yes, he will occasionally use the magical pieces, no matter how girly)
 -Necklace of Harmonia
 -Necklace of the Lady of the Lake
 -Yasakani no Magatama
 -Five-colored Jewel from a Dragon's Neck (I copy-pasted that, that really is the name. it probably sounds prettier when said in Japanese)
 -Ring of Dispel
 -Ring of Gyges
 -Seal of Solomon (all the demons were released prior to his finding of it.)
 -Hades' chariot
Treasures, Relics, and the like:
 -Four Treasures of the Tuatha Dé Danann
 -Three Sacred Treasures
 -most of the Thirteen Treasures of the Island of Britain
 -Pandora's box
 -The Holy Grail (yes, he really has it. He also reforged it, as it was not a golden chalice, but a clay bowl. He warped the bowl into the shape of the drinking part of a chalice, and encased it in gold and embedded that gold with precious gems, making it resemble the normal depiction of the holy grail.)
 -The Kaustubha
 -The Book of Thoth
 -The Jade Books of(in) Heaven
 -The Sibylline Books
 -The Rauðskinna (Book of Power)
 -The Philosopher's stone
 -The Sessho-Seki (he had drunk from the holy grail, and was thus immune, they cancelled each other out)
 -The Adder stone
 -He killed the wolf Fenrir to gain the stone Gjöll, which he (Fenrir) had been bound to by Gleipnir
 -Eris' Apple of Discord
 -the Cornucopia
 -a Golden Apple
 -just read the wikipedia thing, he's got all of these. Doesn't carry 'em with him obviously.
 -Gleipnir (he wears it around his face and shoulders, acting as a kind of scarf. It covers the lower half of his face, and it was a ribbon, not a chain. no, seriously, it really was.)
 -Excalibur's Scabbard (which he refers to as Avalon)
 -The location of the Fountain of youth
 -The round table (the actual table, and the location of Camelot)
 -The Siege Perilous, as is his right (though Camelot stands vacant now)
 -Firebird feathers
 -The Golden Throne
 -The golden fleece
 -Loeðing and Drómi, which he reforged to hold Durandal
  -The magic Satchel, also known as the pouch of infinity, within which he carries all the things he uses often.
  -Kabutr, a magical handgun forged by the collector (this character) himself to fire the magic bullets and silver bullets.
  -The hide and head of Fenrir, the wolf.
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The Collector/The Legend Eater
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