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 Pseudo, the fake legend

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PostSubject: Pseudo, the fake legend   Mon Jun 03, 2013 9:44 am

Player ID: christenMX
Character name: X-Over, Zero, Pseudo, Vent (all adopted names, can't remember original name)
Race: cyborg (most of his internal organs are mechanical, explained later, and has a robotic right arm)
Body Shape: Humanoid
Age: undetermined, unknown number of years/centuries/millenia spent in stasis pod, estimation: at least 419 years old, approximate mental age of a 14-15 year old boy.
Gender: male
Height: 6'4
Weight: 760 pounds (due to high concentration of heavy (weight) metals in his body)
Appearance: (unarmored) fairly well toned, brown hair that reaches to the bottom of his neck, light bluish-green eyes (often have a hint of some kind of computer-like coding of some sort passing across the colored portion), has a small, somewhat triangular, white holster on each leg to hold his variable form Z-replica series beam sabers, most often seen wearing a purplish-black full body suit similar to that worn under the main Z-replica armor (shown at the end of description). There are many lines on his face that point to him scowling often, there is also a scar on the back of his neck, though it is covered by his hair most of the time, it is in the shape of a Z (similar in form to the Z-knuckle chip in his palms) surrounded by a larger letter omega, this scar is small, but sometimes glows with a reddish hue.
(Holding variable state Z-Saber)
Known Languages: English, and a small amount of Japanese and Spanish
Alignment: Good
Based off of what show/game/etc: Megaman (VG franchise)
Personality: strong willed and hard headed, often rushes into fights knowing he can come out on top because of his enhanced body, this boy despises his life situation, especially the loss of his humanity to bodily damage and repair with mechanical instead of organic parts.
Strengths: His right arm is completely mechanical on the inside, which affords him great strength with it, and all of his muscle-mass is mechanically enhanced. He is quite smart, having created the Z and X replica series' of armor and weapons at a very young age, X-Over is quite capable of taking down armies with only three limitless use weapons and the Z-replica armor he wears quite often.
Weaknesses: X-Over is EXTREMELY overconfident, and his emotions very often get the better of him in battle which can lead to humiliating defeats, his greatest weakness is his pride, which he takes to extreme levels over his scientific creations, when one is destroyed or proven to not be all that he thought it was, he is crushed, and it leads to a several week period where he either mopes about, even on the battle-field, or locks himself away trying to correct his failure, both of which lead him wide open to attacks. Also, despite his great pride in the work he does, X-Over has massive self-esteem issues, constantly deeming himself completely without worth, this led to him adopting the name in his "first" life (where he was an innocent child with high tech self made toys of mass destruction) Zero, meaning non-existent and without value.
Likes/Dislikes: robots/his life of fighting
Other:X-Over once had a dog named zinger, he also has the odd habit of whenever he uses a zero skill or EX skill, he calls out its name in Japanese, unfailingly, and though he made the electrical data that allows him to use all of the Zero and EX skills used by Zero in the megaman X and Zero series', he only EVER uses the ones listed, he NEVER uses any others (He won't ever use any others that zero has aside from basic abilities like the rolling slash, other than that, anything not listed there will NEVER be used.)
Equipment: Z-Replica series, includes an armor, the Z(for zeta, though the original meant zero)saber, Z-buster (not of his design, implanted in his left arm), Z-Ichimonji (a katana-like metal sword), the Z-rapier (a beam sword designed after a rapier), the soul-saber (a large metal sword that increases in power the weaker he becomes through damage), the Red Lotus Saber (an energy saber created of flames, channels his defense and shielding into power, very light), the D(durga)-glaive (a bladed pole-arm with several powers based on learned skills that are its own), the V-Hanger (a pair of quick energy-daggers with half the reach of the Z-saber and 4/5 the power), the B(Bashou)-fan (a pair of fans that generate an energy-shield when standing still, with the power to erase energy shots), the T(titan)-breaker (a large, slow, powerful hammer with the same reach as the Z-saber, transforms the Juuhazan skill into a smashing attack capable of breaking powerful barriers with ease), the K(Kaiser)-knuckle (a pair set (odd sounding, but it makes sense if you can see it) of energy rings that are connected and wrap around his fingers (not the thumb), they are as powerful as the T-breaker, but trade the quick speed for the loss of range, this version, made by X-Over, not only gives powerful punching strength, but enhances all his physical attributes used in battle- such as speed, endurance, and strength- by a large margin to allow for proper hand to hand combat at the level he needs to stay alive, often combined with the ZO knuckle he has for a drastic increase in physical prowess when outside of his Z-armor). He also has with him to variable-sabers named the Z-sabers, these can change shape to be used in multiple different situations, and can act as a power-cell for his buster-shot gun, which can only fire weak pellet shots on its own, but can charge up to two levels with the Z-saber inserted. Various forms include: the Shield Boomerang (an energy shield used to block shots like those from his buster-shot gun, can be charged and thrown like a shuriken, and returns after following an ellipse pattern), the Triple Rod (a fair length pole-arm ending in a triangular energy blade, the enhanced length hilt can be extended up to three times for attack (hence the name), has a separate blade in the pommel that can be extended for a slightly different style of fighting), the Chain Rod (a long energy whip with a bladed tip, the chain rod can be used to grapple onto walls and ceilings for swinging or climbing, it can also slowly siphon the energy from robotic enemies to replenish X-Over's), the Recoil Rod (a pair of energy-tonfas, these can be used in six directions normally, and when charged up they are able to propel anything they hit away from them. If they are used while charged and pointing down, X-Over can blast himself up of the ground great distances, or even do the same off an enemy's head), and the base blade form (this form can be used in 3 to 7 hit combo strikes, and has a wide variety of special skills it can be used with called EX skills, it can cut through 300mm of reinforced steel with ease, and when charged with
energy, the slash creates an energy shockwave. If in an area with a ceiling, or in a cave, this shockwave will even cause the ceiling to break apart and rain rocks down in front of the user). The last weapon in the Z-replica series is the Z-knuckle, or in this case, the ZO-knuckle, it is a chip implanted in both of his palms that greatly enhances his strength, and can be used to create powerful directed energy attacks, it takes the shape of a small ornate Z surrounded by an equally ornate, though slightly larger, Ω symbol, the chips and the energy they summon glow a dark purplish red. The X-replica series is made up of copies of megaman X's armors and the copied weapon skills he used, and works through something called the variable armor system, which allows for quick in-battle switching between one armor and another, a similar system was implemented in the Over armor, using forms 1-8 in battle. Recently, the armor he has been seen using most is a modified version of what he calls the Over armor, called the X-Over armor, which is not as bulky around the lower arms and legs, instead having sleeker boots and wrist-guards/gloves, as well as a stylized belt similar to that of the user of Model-X (from megaman-ZX), as well a a green x-shaped crystal on his chest with metal bands connecting to the tips and continuing around to connect on his back. (this is the base Over armor,: over-1
the others can be found on the megaman wiki, though not the modified versions he uses, I really don't have the time or energy to put them all here, nor do I know if it would work, keep in mind, its large size is in part do to the fact that I went with the only one I knew how to get the image of with)
history: X-Over (or pseudo as he will be referred to during the history) was once a normal child for the most part. However, he had an incredible imagination, and quite a bit of knowledge even when he was young, when he was close to thirteen he developed armor and weapons based on a character from a video-game that he liked quite a bit, he called the armor and weapons the Z-Replica series, a large group of weapons coupled with an armor and electronic Data that programmed muscular memory that allowed him to perform incredible feats while in the armor. The odd thing about why he did it was that he made all of these weapons and artificial abilities and armor for a Halloween costume, he wanted to dress up in something awesome that no-one had probably done before, and definitely not to that extent. The Z-replicas were followed several months later by the X-replicas, and an armor he THOUGHT was original to him, taking design elements from several sources, and making a seemingly custom armor (that would be the Over-1 armor, it was followed by overs 2 through 8 later, though different from the game versions they appeared in first). Often, Pseudo would sleep in his Z armor, keeping his weapons with him for protection, this however turned out to cause an unfortunate, unforeseen consequence in the far future, though not to his mind. One night, during a peaceful sleep, Pseudo was kidnapped, as far as he knows, and sealed in a stasis pod, something another genius scientist had made, though this one was significantly older than this thirteen year-old boy. There he slept for gods only know how long, past the age of sentient robots first being built, and well into the age of the reploids, robots with free will and sentience that surpassed anything that had existed during the previous age, built based on the design specifications of megaman X, the final and greatest creation of doctor light. He was woken during the end of the maverick wars, having been mistaken for a space body made for a "reploid" hero named Zero. The original Zero had had his body badly damaged, and he couldn't wait inside while they repaired him, the maverick wars were well on and his help was much needed, this led to them trying to transfer his personality and memories into a copy-body. This however failed, as the body they used was one that belonged to a live human, the electrical shock from the mind transfer- even though it failed -woke Pseudo, and as he awoke, the liquid he had been suspended in (a nutrient mixture that could last indefinitely and keep him alive and in stasis for a theoretically limitless number of years,centuries, or millenia) began to drain from the pod, allowing him to fully wake. He only experienced slight surprise when he was called Zero, as that was the name he had adopted, the surprise came from the fact that no one had ever called him that except himself even though he requested it of people. Pseudo was sent into battle almost immediately, and he found out soon after just how ineffective he was with any form of weaponry at the time, as one of the maverick mechaniloids he was fighting shot him through the stomach. This also led him to find one of the ways that reploids were given auto-repair systems. In this case: it was nanomites, small medical robots with minds that repaired mechanical structures through matter manipulation, using gaseous atoms and molecules to create the elements needed to repair the damage. This however had many complications when used on living flesh, as they were not programmed to repair organic matter, thus leading to several of his internal organs that were damaged being painfully ripped apart and replaced with mechanical copies. It was not long before he figured out how to fight and protect himself with that motivating memory nipping at his heels, and he fought through the end of the Maverick Wars and for the four year long Elf Wars as Zero. However, near the end of the Elf Wars, he became too damaged for the nanomites in his body to repair him, and he was sealed in a regeneration pod, with the intention of him being repaired and removed within the span of a few weeks, however, that release never came to pass, and he remained sealed for a hundred years. After the hundred years passed, he was awoken by Ciel and the resistance soldiers, seeking his help to save them from Neo-arcadia and its tyrannical ruler. Having played through the events of time he was now living, Pseudo knew what was to happen, and followed the time-stream almost perfectly, the only break in this happened when he lived instead of died when Ragnarok broke apart and crashed to the earth below, his armor was ruined beyond repair itself, but his weapons had survived, and he took to wandering. Eventually he discovered something he had set up before being sealed in the stasis pod however long ago it was: a hidden underground laboratory containing all of his inventions, including a spare Z-armor for him to use. After that, humans and reploids alike have often reported seeing an odd dark-red reploid with long blond hair.

Abilities: Wall cling (uses specific friction and a low power gravity manipulation engine to allow him to grip onto a wall and slowly slide down it, which gives him the time to jump up and grab again, rinse and repeat), Kuuenbu (also known as the air hike, gives him a midair jump at half the height of a regular one), Hienkyaku (uses propulsion jets in the soles of his boots to allow him to perform a guided midair dash), Shadow double (he can send out a shadowy copy of himself that performs an energy slash with its copy saber after it has moved thirteen feet, can pass through walls).
Zero/EX skills (Techniques): Rising (a rising upward slash), drill crush (X-Over slams his saber into the ground, spinning it in place like a drill, performed midair), earth gaizer (X-Over punches the ground powerfully, sending a spray of rocks outward), Rakuhouha (X-Over punches the ground, using the ZO-knuckle to generate an energy dome that shoots out large but fairly weak energy shots), Messenkou (X-Over punches the ground with his ZO knuckle, similar to the rakuhouha, and generates a purple energy dome that launches large, fairly powerful energy shots (basically an upgraded version of the rakuhouha, different look to it)), Shin Messenkou (X-Over punches the ground with his ZO knuckle, causing large powerful energy shots to fly up from the ground and rain down in his general vicinity), Shoenzan (X-Over slashes his saber upward from a standing position, sending a flame pillar upward in an arc), Rekkoha (X-Over punches the ground with his ZO knuckle, summoning rising a falling blue laser beams that go in front of him and behind him for thirteen meters), Raikousen (X-Over performs a ground or mid-air dash, and then disappears for a short time, reappearing ten meters forward, his saber in front of him and an electrical "tail" showing the path he took, damaging anything along that path), modified Renyoudan (X-Over punches with his ZKO knuckle six times, his fists surrounded with a green energy that adds to his range and power), Ganzanha (X-Over punches the ground diagonally with his ZKO knuckle, sending a spray of energy forward with some backsplash), revised Senpuukyaku (X-Over does a spinning kick midair, spinning twice before falling to the ground. The spin is a pirouette type spin), Raijinken (X-Over dashes forward, and at the end of the dash performs a powerful uppercut that sends a large blast of electricity upwards), Enkoukyaku (X-Over does a diagonal downward kick mid-air, his leg surrounded in controlled energy flames), Tenshouzan (X-Over does a rising slash, his saber engulfed in flames/ alternatively, X-Over does a rising uppercut, his arm engulfed in flame), Sengatotsu (X-Over does a dashing thrust with his saber, overloading it with electricity and creating an electrical blade/ X-Over dashes forward, stabbing whatever is in his path with with an electrical blast from his fist), Rakuretsuzan (X-Over stabs down while in the air, his blade becoming a blade of ice and shattering against the ground, sending ice shards flying/X-Over does a powerful axe-kick, a small blade of ice forming on his heel), Kougenjin (X-Over does a small slash with his saber, sending out a curved blade of energy that grows more angular and shrinks as it travels, it only travels ten feet ahead), Rakusaiga (X-over overloads his blade with electricity, creating a large electrical blade and slams it into the ground from the air, this sends electrical sparks traveling in both directions until they hit something/ X-Over jumps directly over the enemy, and drops straight on top of them, kicking them in the head), Reppuugeki (X-Over dashes forward, saber held out to split anything in his way/ X-Over dashes forward, piercing into the enemy's stomach with his hand laid flat, the thumb facing up, this is shortly followed by), Tenresujin (X-Over propels himself off the ground, surrounding his hand in cutting energy, slicing anything in its range up the middle, when performed with the saber, it is flame elemental), Ittouryoudan: Genmurei (X-Over raises his saber above his head, generating two GIANT energy blades that launch forward when he swings) (his other attacks are all the same as X's, from the X series. His ability to use them depends on which armor he is using, the base ultimate armor can use the abilities from the fourth, fifth, and sixth X games, as it appeared in the same form in each one with only color differences. there are no more abilities that he has).

Weapons: Z-buster(?) (only one not described in detail in equipment)
Weapon Abilities: directed energy weapon, has three levels of fire, pellet shots, a level one charge that fires mid-power needle-like shots, and level two charge, which fires a large blast of energy, blue in color with green sparks. He can hold two level two charges in storage for use with a type of combo attack.

(Note: Most zero/EX skills, can be strung together combo style, though they can't form new attacks with it, they do represent the best abilities for damage, as with his weapons and abilities, a strong enemy will become invincible after a hit, and only an attack with a higher combo rating (in this case just another attack that can fit in without seams) will not damage them for several seconds, giving them the chance to damage him without fear)
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Pseudo, the fake legend
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