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 Maltorias, the Lich King

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PostSubject: Maltorias, the Lich King   Thu Jul 27, 2017 3:51 pm

ID Name: Pinkest Catgirl

Character Name: Maltorias

Race: Lich

Physical Description: A large man in armor made out of some form of inhumanly strong bone, with a skull helmet with an unmoving mouth and glowing blue eyes(making it unclear whether that's his actual head or a helmet). Can take a "mortal" form which is similar to his regular form, only a human looking face is visible, being a deathly pale man with long white hair.

Minions: Undead(Skeletons, zombies, golems, etc)

Intentions: Taking over Hawke's Earth and using it as a larger death realm.

Abilities: Ice magic, blood magic, conjuring spirit/blood/ice weapons. Summoning undead creatures, manipulating bones and corpses.
Blood whip: Able to conjure a whip made out of his(or someone else's?) blood, crystalizes on contact with a physical object to inflict damage
Life drain: Drains life force from an enemy, manifested as their blood being pulled out of them.
Blink: A short ranged teleport
Second Sight: Is able to see the spiritual life force of any being, often able to tell whether they're a threat to her or not, and detect things through walls. Being spirit-based, it does not work on things such as robots.
Doppelganger: Able to project a spirit double of himself during combat, usually used for taking on multiple opponents at once.
Necromancy: Able to raise skeletons, spirits and zombies from enemy corpses(or even being able to raise them as-is, if they're not too heavily damaged), along with turning corpses into bomb traps. Along with an ability that allows him to launch the bones out of an enemy corpse as spikes.
Death gate: Able to open a gate to his realm to summon allies at will.
Resurrective Immortality: Being a prime demon makes him normally impossible to kill, simply coming back a week later, though it does hold him off for that amount of time. Demons like him usually need to be sealed away.
Uses a giant scythe as a weapon.

Number of players required to fight: 1-4(depending on the opponent's abilities)

Personality: A cold, uncaring person. Yet also having a strangely dark and sarcastic sense of humor.

History: The ruler of the death realm for an untold amount of time, he has often gotten bored and decided to launch invasions on earth realms, wanting to add more to his constantly growing undead army.

Number of Alternate forms: 1

Alternate form descriptions: (Put into format as such.)

Form 1:
Name of Form: Lich God
Physical description of Form: He sheds his body, turning into a towering skeletal spirit form, with a massive scythe.
Abilities: Death touch: Is capable of instantly killing anyone he touches, though this can be resisted by one with enough willpower(read: a main character). Will elaborate on more later, because I'm not sure when this will ever be used outside of arena fights.
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Maltorias, the Lich King
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