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 Blood Demon

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PostSubject: Blood Demon   Blood Demon EmptyThu Jun 23, 2016 8:35 am

Player ID: Sepulchre
Character name: Blood Demon (Yet to find his true demon name yet, calls himself "Blood Demon" in demonic)
Race: Wrath Demon
Body Shape: Humanoid
Age: ~300-3,000 years old
Gender: Male
Height: 6'10
Weight: 280 pounds
Physical traits: the traits of his individual body parts (muscles, bones, skin, the like)
-Skin: His skin is inhumanly strong, being able to take the same force as steel, but is as flexible and stretchable as human skin (resulting in greater resistance to damage)
-Muscles: His muscles appear to be able to withstand as much force as Titanium, and have an extremely high muscle density and efficiency, resulting in his super-human strength and speed.
-Bone: His bones are roughly as strong as a titanium-diamond alloy (think diamonds but without the cleavage weakness they have) and are also extremely dense, with much more connections within the bone, resulting in them being able to resist approximately 2,000 times as much force as human bones, they are nearly indestructible.
-Eyes: He is able to see approximately 12 times farther and better than a hawk.
-Ears: His range of hearing extends into infra-sound and...ultra-sound(?) making his hearing range 5Hz-30kHz, far beyond the normal range of human hearing. He is also able to hear much quieter sounds than humans, a mosquito buzzing from ten feet? easy, hears it perfectly, as if it were the size of a dime and right in his ear, but he also is capable of filtering sound, allowing him to recognize, but not fully process audio so as to prevent pain. His ears actually partially shut the sound out.
-Tongue: Can taste things far...he's a super-taster. they exist, look 'em up.
-Nose: he can smell things that don't even EXIST to humans, being able to smell magic and it's position, as well as other demons. As for comparative sensitivity, he can smell scents accurately from farther away, but unlike a dog or cat, his sense of smell doesn't make scents more intense from up close.
-Claws: His fingertips and toes are on approximately the same level as his bones, able to take massive amounts of force without damage, and cut through materials quite easily; but only when in demon mode, where his fingers and toes actually BECOME claws, otherwise they're just regular to him.
-Tail: His tail can extend with seemingly no limits, and despite have no muscles at all, is capable of lifting close to five hundred pounds without even noticing it. The points on the end can't shapeshift yet, and are only three in number.
-Blood: His blood is like Magic central, what would normally take five pure of heart virgins drained of all their blood would only take a small drop of his.
-Body: His body is malleable despite how it would appear, and he can change his shape with a bit of effort and magic.


His wings are like this, with the whole spike style thing, but they start lower on his back, almost halfway down, and reach up above his head before coming back down almost to the ground. They're also further away from his spine, which doesn't look like that. Also, from just below where the bone that goes up to start the "fingers" meets the farthest, and biggest, "finger" on said finger, starts a new half wing, with only two "fingers", it goes up and down higher on the longest "finger". The flesh in between bones in pitch black like the bones and the flesh covering them. He doesn't have the "thumb" thing either, and only three "fingers". (I found this picture through a google image search on "demon wings" because I needed something for a comparison to properly describe his wings, as his wings took on shapes that were actually similar to this, the whole "fleshless energy bones" thing, I used this for the comparison image. It's from a site about tattoos.) if he weren't a magical demon, his wings would be incapable of lifting him.
Appearance: His body itself appears similar to the form his soul later takes, but he has short hair, no fur on his wrists, ankles, and shoulders, and doesn't have chains, shackles, or a collar. His hair is also brown, not black with a red outline, and his eyes are not black with a red outline and white dot, instead having red iris', black sclera, and black pupils. his body also doesn't have the weird holes in his chest, stomach, and hands, though it does still have the glowing demonic writing, but it doesn't extend to his eyes. Horns adorn his forehead, coming from the first part that can be considered the "front" and not the "side", and are of the "Little Nicky" devil variety, but don't break the skin (it's flat as if they weren't there), are smooth (they don't have those cracks and lines), a little thinner and longer, and colored pitch-black.
Known Languages: 21st century American English, can speak in demonic with little effort
Alignment: chaotic Neutral
Based off of what show/game/etc: listed in full detail with what it's taken from (including the real world inspiration for it that likely has more of the inspirational force for whatever he has)
Personality: His personality is often sealed, preventing him from exercising his true self; however, when released, he is often shown to be quite calm and collected at most times. However, it takes very little to arouse his Wrath, and when it is, he enters demon mode without wanting to. The source of his rage often dies shortly thereafter, and he has extreme trouble directing his anger or controlling it. It will often take everything he has to not kill someone who makes his truly angry.
Strengths: super-human physique (explained in traits), limitless stamina, good at magic, body regenerates quickly.
Weaknesses: He finds it almost impossible to control his Wrath, weak to holy power, never finished his schooling (so while he is intelligent, he doesn't have as much of the training that helps in the regular world), not a "People-person"/unsociable/bad at getting along with others
Likes/Dislikes: The taste of blood, winning, combat, food (though he eats very little)/
Theme-song: Set the world on fire (lie of lies)/Divine wings of tragedy - Symphony X/ alternatively, sixpounder, by children of bodom (He seems to fight better to it than the others)
Other: he can't be played at the same time as Sepulchre
Equipment: Demon-blade, Book of the Damned (the necronomicon), Dragoon Armor, Gungnir
Character History:...He's Sepulchre before he got his name. Go read that profile if you want the history, at some point I may list some things unknown about him here, but it's not too terribly likely.

-Arcane Re-Write: Acts like "Alchemy" from Full-Metal Alchemist, which takes it's three steps from real world magic. I'm not joking, the three steps for magic are quite literally and honestly "Identify an objects structure, deconstruct, and reconstruct" just like in FMA. He claps his hands together (actually, I remembered something about the markings. originally they started out as a giant alchemy/magic circle that ran along his ENTIRE (and I do mean every part) body, allowing him to perform the act without drawing a circle or clapping (assisted in part by the fact that his blood is basically an ultra-condensed philosopher's stone/magical amplifier) so, later when the demon words were added, the circle got moved under his skin, it doesn't leave a single spot without some markings, and it glows so intensely at times that it can be seen through his skin. the markings are long lines, or magical symbols, depending on where EXACTLY on the body you're talking about.), and then magics whatever it is he's trying to make.
-Necromancy: He can summon necromantic demons and golems, as well as raise the dead into un-life. uses the Necronomicon as a focus.
-Sepulchral tone: He can snap his fingers in such a way (whilst putting magic into them) that they create a sound which can drive humans crazy or destroy objects from the varying frequencies and magical waves/wave types.
-Flight: His wings, while large in proportion to his body, would not be able to create the lift necessary to fly under normal circumstances due to his size and weight. However, he's magical and a demon, so normal physical laws mean all of shit, his badass wings (not mentioned in shape due being unable to describe. I only found the picture after posting this. It was in an edit, and I can't remember what I was going to say before.) can let him fly (I guess that might have been what I was going to say). His flight speed tops out at 450MpH.

-Thunder-shooter: By focusing magic through Gungnir he can cause it to release it's electrons in a spectacular and deadly fashion

Dragoon Armor: magicked together from diamonds, titanium, steel, and a few other things, enchanted to increase durability and increase the strength of the wearer two-fold.

Weapon1 Gungnir: magicked together from the water and spare electrons in a massive bunch of clouds, solidified to the hardness of steel.
Weapon Abilities: when thrown, it unleashes its electrons, creating a lightning bolt behind it and an explosion of electricity upon impact, recharges using magic.

Weapon2 Necronomicon: the book of the dead/damned; a demonic book of necromancy.
Weapon Abilities: he uses it as a focus for his necromancy, as well as casting spells from it for greater effect.

Weapon3 Demon-Blade: A sword with a blade made of demonic energy, the blade has two forms. The blade's first form is that of a normal longsword but colored a glowing blue with a white core. The blade's second form is chaotic, being black with a red outline and branching with many blades which move around like fire, it also follows a random path, changing rapidly.
Weapon Abilities: The first form has none, but is indestructible and faster to use than the second form, so it's still useful. The second form is less stable, and can be temporarily broken, and has the ability to stretch without limit, attacking like a whip being controlled with telekinesis, going where he wants.

edits may be made later, as will spell correcting
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Blood Demon
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