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 The Devil at the Crossroads, Batheralus

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The Devil at the Crossroads, Batheralus Empty
PostSubject: The Devil at the Crossroads, Batheralus   The Devil at the Crossroads, Batheralus EmptyThu Jun 23, 2016 8:30 am

Player ID: Sepulchre
Character Type: PC
Assumed Name/Alias: Mr. Grey/Ballbuster (on occasion)
Character name: Batheralus
Race: Devil (Dealer)
Body Shape: Humanoid
Age: Incalculable, his age is measured in alter-dimensional terminology from a dimension where time functions differently at a fundamental level
Gender: Male (Probably)
Height: ~2.62 meters (8'7")
Weight: ~441.27 kg (973 pounds)

(This image is in no way my own, someone else made it and I saw it in a google image search for something and put it on my computer to look at from time to time, and I feel it works for the character's "true form", so I'm using it)
Known Languages: All human tongues, Hellish
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Prime Sin: Pride
Based off of what show/game/etc: DMC (at least his appearance)
Personality: Takes great pride in his work, slow to anger (or any emotional response at all, but anger slowest of all) and quick to dismiss, business like in most areas (wears a "permanent" Business smile for example), prefers to talk rather than fight, but is vicious in combat (like a lion-wolf or something).
Strengths: Inhumanly, excessively high physical attributes/capabilities, incredibly intelligent, practically immortal (Ageless to normal beings like us), incredibly hard to kill, wise beyond human years
Weaknesses: Untrained in usage of his body, hangs back from combat unless absolutely necessary, unable to come to grips with certain things that are outside of his range of knowledge, little to no combat experience outside of a few bar-fights
Likes: Getting the deal through
Dislikes: Someone who tries to go back on their end of a bargain
Character History: Nothing really special, he has no defining historical traits despite his long life. He was born in hell, a powerful contract devil (A Dealer, one of those things that takes something of equal value to what's given and the like). He was trained a bit for that, but nothing remarkable for what he is happened in his whole life, I hope to fix that in RP.

-Ultra-superhuman physical capabilities
-Natural armor
-Prehensile, incredibly long, tongue and tail
-Clawed digits
-Winged back
-Gore-ific horns
-Incredible magical ability and untrained skill

-Manipulation of demonic energies
-Magical spells (Wide variety)
-Self-targeted Illusions (Natural ability to disguise oneself perfectly as a human or other creature with an illusion produced with less than a thought)
-Deal (For a price, he can grant just about any wish, the price varies depending on the wish)
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The Devil at the Crossroads, Batheralus
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