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 Dracula Vlad Tepes the third

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Dracula Vlad Tepes the third Empty
PostSubject: Dracula Vlad Tepes the third   Dracula Vlad Tepes the third EmptyThu Jun 23, 2016 8:30 am

Player ID: Sepulchre
Character Type: PC (opposed to NPC)
Assumed Name(s)/Alias(es): Vlad Tepes (III)/ Vlad the impaler, Dracula
True Character Name: Rowan Ash
Race: magically enchanted Human (acts like some kind of vampire)
Body Shape: Humanoid
Age: appears to be in his/her late teens to mid twenties
Gender: Male or Female (depending on circumstances)
Height: 6'5 (male), 6'3 (female)
Weight: 89.1kg/196.02Lb (male), 81kg/178.2Lb (female)
Appearance: The male form of Count Dracula Vlad Tepes (Rowan Ash) is that of a muscular man in his mid to late twenties, possibly crossing into thirties. He has a black beard and mustache, the beard being groomed so that it shows some hair to either side, but is mostly a well groomed goatee, the mustache being almost Italian, but kept thin to keep that from being too noticeable. The beard and mustache hair is black, but his regular hair (which is quite wavey, and reaches almost to the middle of his back) is a deep golden brown, with red undertones. His lips are full for his age, and his eyes are thin (coming from his partial Asian lineage) and colored brown, with flecks of gold and green. In the right lighting, his eyes look grey, like stormy skies. The female form (referred to ONLY as Rowan (though spelled Roan) appears to be in her late teens to mid twenties most of the time, rarely straying to the range of thirties (though even then she looks incredible for her apparent age). Her build is quite good, and while she does not appear truly muscular, her body is tight, like the muscle is just hidden. Her breasts are quite large, and in spite of the fact that she uses no support for them, they never droop (despite being all natural). Her complexion is quite clear, and her skin color is a beautiful tan with olive undertones (from her Italian side), though the tan itself is faded mostly out. Her hair is a vibrant golden brown (leaning more towards gold this time), and reaches quite far down her back, going so far down as to cover her backside even when she bends down quite far. It is thick and beautiful, and many envy her for it. Her lips are full and attractive, and many have killed themselves in trying to earn a kiss from her. Her eyes are golden, with red and green flecks that can only be seen from incredibly close, so close that one would have to have their lips locked with hers to notice, but they only add to her beauty.
Known Languages: American English (Pennsylvanian dialect, though it doesn't show too terribly), the language of magic (probably a corrupted combination of demonic and angelic, but who knows)
Alignment: Neutral
Prime Sin: unknown
Based off of what show/game/etc: Dracula mythos (though that is so spread out that I could write a book or movie or something about this character without needing to get the rights probably) (has copied things as a character from stuff that they have seen, such as the Mario and M. Bison/Vega Head-Stomp, and the armor design of Dracula's armor in Hellsing Ultimate, which obviously couldn't be written into a book or anything)
Personality: I cannot personally describe the character's personality, you will have to piece together a description on your own from their interactions with others, the environment, and themself.
Strengths: Learns things with great ease, fairly physically powerful (due to years of training), incredibly skilled at magic, adept at using all forms of weaponry
Weaknesses: arrogant, dependent on life energy to retain health, occasionally their limbs or senses will just randomly shut down without warning (often thought to be a sign that they need life energy badly, but actually something more akin to a random glitch)
Likes/Dislikes: Men, women, music, life, death, pleasure (duh), beauty, fine food and drink/...disgusting stuff I guess.
Other: Has an MP3 player on them at all times, playing various songs from different genres and sources
Theme Song: none
Equipment: will be close to fully shown below
Character History: For close to seventeen and a half years Rowan was male, through and through. One day, without any warning whatsoever (outside of a strange static playing across his vision and hearing) HE became a SHE, completely and totally. At least in the physical sense (though she was missing her hymen, which she discovered years later). This led to several years of oddness as people around her who had known him tried to adjust to the fact that Rowan was now female. Strangely however, Rowan was never bothered by it, not once. In fact, she loved it. Her body had become not only female, but in her opinion, perfect. She had no excess body fat other than on her boobs and a bit on her hips, and she was beautiful, she couldn't find a downside. Around three years into her femalehood, Rowan decided that she wanted to have a child, and went to have that happen (through anonymous sperm donation usage). She gave birth to a beautiful baby girl nine months later, and lived a charmed life with her daughter and the rest of her family. However, everything did not remain perfect (not in that manner at least), and one day, she and her daughter were swept away into the grips of another world without warning. When they arrived, the world they saw was both wonderful, and terrible. While it had beauty unlike anything they had ever seen before, the world was constantly in war, and they had none of the comforts they had grown so accustomed to (being in that worlds version of the dark ages). Instead, they found, the world they had arrived in had magic, magic to do terrific things, and magic to do terrible things. It was not long after arriving in this world that they discovered that they too, had the ability to perform magic of all kinds. They researched the various forms of magic for months, learning all they could in a frenzy, and mastering many forms in only that time. Once they had chosen their paths in magic, they chose their paths in life. As Rowan's daughter was old enough now to head out on her own, they first decided to go their separate ways, Rowan choosing the path of a knight-errant, her daughter choosing the path of a mystic (a witch in specific). What was to be Rowan's parting gift for her daughter was a pair of gauntlets which she instructed her daughter to give to her would be knight protector, they were enchanted with many enchantments, some to protect the wearer, some to give the wearer better or more combat abilities, some to protect her daughter while the wearer was in her company. This didn't come to pass as planned however, as the fact that Rowan had decided to become a knight was not information that was given to her daughter (not out of spite or a desire to hide it, just from forgetfulness), and her chosen protector was none other than her own mother (though she did not realize that it was her mother, or even a woman). However, rather than reveal that it was her, Rowan decided that this would be the best path. She would protect her daughter without her realizing it, and her daughter would act as her sorcerous companion, it seemed perfect. And I'm not going to say it wasn't, the plan worked quite well, with the daughter never finding out the truth, and them going on many adventures together in the safety of each others protection. However, they did eventually part ways simply due to a need to go on paths that just didn't happen to coincide, and Rowan found herself alone once more. It was in a battle nearly a half a year later (after having found a transformation spell that would remove transformations from a person, returning them to their original form, though she took the form of what she would have looked like as a teenager the age she left off at with the body training she did in effect, not her full grown form) that Rowan found their next companion. After slaughtering many a soldier/knight, Rowan came across one who was strangely off, both in height and basic shape. As it turned out, this was a woman who was making herself to be a knight, despite who she was. You see, in this alternate past, many things were just a bit...off. This particular individual was none other than King Arthur him- or rather her- self. And out of almost complete surprise, Rowan decided to allow the young female king to live. In fact, they(he) offered their(his) protection to the young errant king. Now, while in this world King Arthur was indeed a woman, this was a fact that was almost completely unknown, and Rowan quickly discovered this. He offered her a chance to travel the land disguised from the eyes of those around her without hiding her face constantly behind bad armor, and fashioned an armor that followed her body much more closely than a man's armor would, leaving the helmet off and replacing it with magical protection instead. In that armor, and both of Rowan's forms, they traveled the land together, going on adventures as Rowan had with their daughter before. Eventually though, they too had to part ways, and Rowan went on a search for new adventure. They found it in the land of Romania, specifically Transylvania, when Rowan decided to take on the form of their age (though later made themselves younger again) and take on the role of Count Dracula. They forged the identity of the Tepes', and Vlad Jr's joining of the order of the Dragon (though Rowan did so by taking on the form of the second and joining, then faking his own death), Thereby creating the identity of Vlad Tepes the third, who he transformed into Vlad the Impaler during wars. Eventually he forged for himself a terrifying set of weapons which would steal the blood and life of whoever they wounded and pass it on to him, earning him the reputation of Count Dracula. It is unknown exactly what happened from then, mostly just stories of a war between Vlad and England, which pitted him against both his former companion Arthur, and his own daughter, who did not know it was him.

Abilities: Magic casting (with a wide variety of spells at their disposal, such as elemental, force based, and enhancements(boons) and curses, with most spells being able to be used as enchantments for equipment, other spells include things that aren't exactly curses or boons, but bodily enchantments, such as turning someone into mist, or a wolf, or doing things like that, also stuff like mind control, animating the inanimate (for short times), etc, etc), forgery (as in being able to forge weapons, armor, and the like, proficient in gun-smithing as well), Summoning (though that could be counted under magic as well, stuff like demon summoning, but also useable on angels and other entities of the magical variety), Riding (adept at riding all forms of mounts, even those which are magical and not of a normal form), Martial Arts (Is either an advanced adept or master in all martial arts, being of a black belt in most (often multiple black belts in each) and close to it if not one).

Techniques: They have copied M. Bison/Vega's head stomp technique...That's about all I really know, unless technique would refer also to the technique used in their sword-play, spear usage, and the like. And at that point, I REALLY wouldn't be able to say anything more, I've never tried describing that stuff before.

Armour: Noble Knight's Armor
Armour Abilities: Providing protection. The chest plate is divided into two sections, the second one acting as a cover for their female form's ample bosom. The armor has several enchantments, focusing primarily on the areas which have the magic runes carved into them. they are as follows:
-Gauntlets: Death Chains; Each gauntlet has the runes necessary to summon a large quantity of chains which attach to whoever is targeted, whether single people or groups, these chains are unbreakable, and can easily snap whoever is on the bound end into pieces should the user put in enough force.
Chestplate and upper arms: Strength boosting runes (and minor transformation enchantments, shrinking the female form's breasts so they don't get in the way during combat); exactly what it sounds like, the runes on these parts endow the wearer of the armor with increased strength (and stamina as a bonus), how much isn't known exactly, but enough to allow a weakling to lift several hundred pounds.
Greaves and leg-guards: Speed enhancement runes; again what it sounds like. The wearer gains boosted movement speed, with the strength of the runes, the wearer would be able to move upwards of twenty miles an hour. This is doubled by having both active at once.

Armour: Armour of the Dragon (looks like the armor Alucard wears in Dracula form in Hellsing Ultimate, intentionally made to look that way by the character)
Armour abilities (and enchantments): Primary abilities include providing protection, and making him look badass. And probably evil. Enchantments are as follows:
-Gauntlets: strength boost (same as before)
-Greaves: Water walker (an enchantment which allows one to walk on the surface of water as easily as solid ground) and silent step (which eliminates the sound made by movement)
-Upper legs: speed boost (same as before)
-Chestplate: Rune of the fog (the runes used to bind an enchantment which allows the user to turn into a mist or fog to a piece of equipment)
-Cape: Rune of flight (allows the user to fly for a limited time, resetting upon touching the ground. Also allows for the user to jump to incredible heights, with this one's strength, about fifty feet, and flight lasting for one to two minutes (with thirty seconds as a low time)
(both armors have a basic enchantment which removes the armor's restrictiveness from the equation, making them as easy to move in as one's own bare skin, and at least as comfortable)

Weapons: Blood Eaters (a series of weapons they forged and enchanted themselves, ranging from swords of various shapes and sizes, to scythes, to even guns. It crosses the whole spectrum of traditional weaponry, but shows particular focus on swords, as they have the greatest variety within the single category)
Weapon Abilities: All blood eaters do just that: they consume/absorb the blood of those they wound and kill, the blood is then converted into raw life force/life energy, which is used to heal Dracula's wounds, and repair their body. All Blood Eater weapons are of equal strength, only shape, size, and combat distance vary. Oh, and weight is the same for the wielder because of enchantment, but it still affects others based on the actual weight of the weapon.

Demi-Weapon: Blood Ring Royal
Abilities: The Blood Ring has the same effect as the Blood Eater weapons, (consuming blood and converting it to and storing life energy) but has a far greater power, as trade-off however, the ring requires that the one to be fed on be subdued or willing prior to use. If they aren't at the wearer's power/mercy, then the ring can't have the chance to consume their blood. It leaves no wound on the victim.

Mount: All Nobles must have a mount, right? Well Rowan/Dracula rides one of the simultaneously most badass, and most sissy mounts of all time: a unicorn. Unicorns used to be badass you know, they would impale people on a regular basis, and this one does it just for fun, because THIS ONE is a demonic unicorn with a taste for blood and women. Especially women. His taste for women is SO STRONG, that he will only allow women who meet his standards for shape (and looks) to ride him. His name is Desta. Drac is QUITE LITERALLY the ONLY man Desta EVER allows to ride him, as his woman form is quite pleasing to Desta's eye, and he spends more than half the time as a woman.
Abilities: Desta can bend space and time to shorten both distance traveled and time to travel equal distance, his horn can pierce ANYTHING, and he's capable of manipulating the minds of others.
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Dracula Vlad Tepes the third
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