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 U-X. Genocide

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PostSubject: U-X. Genocide   Sat Jun 04, 2016 1:14 am

Player ID: Sepulchre
Character Type: PC
Assumed Name/Alias: PWGS U-X
Character name: Subject fourteen (Real name erased)
Race: Genetically Warped Bio-Weaponized Human
Body Shape: Humanoid or Non-Humanoid
Age: ??? (Records erased)
Gender: Effectively Genderless/Omni-gendered
Height: Typically 2.34 meters
Weight: Inestimable, weight seems to vary based on situation, adjusting to fit the current mass and density necessary for what's happening, how this is accomplished is unknown
Appearance: ...*Raises Eyebrow*
Known Languages: English (Though speech is garbled, as if spoken through an improperly tuned, somewhat busted, translator module)
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Prime Sin: Gluttony? Can a being who functions almost entirely on instinct actually be attributed sins?
Based off of what show/game/etc: Metroid, Prototype, Parasyte (Anime/Manga), Resident Evil, and a few others probably (I just can't remember)
Personality: ??? He(It?) functions almost entirely on instinct, but what instincts those are...well, it would take a special kind of genius crossed with a special kind of crazy to identify that.
Strengths: ??? Lots of stuff probably, he's a failed/too perfect bio-weapon after all.
Weaknesses: ??? probably fire...fire bad.
Likes: Treats
Dislikes: ... *Shrug* I 'unno.
Other: -???-
Theme Song: Come Sail Away - Styx...or throw on some hardcore pounding dubstep, maybe with a bit of creepy or horror undertones? that would definitely work too. Or put on a combination between the final boss on Leon mode from Resident Evil 2, Alexia's final boss theme from Resident Evil: Code Veronica/X, and "O Vendetta di Dio" the final boss theme from Resident Evil Revelations, maybe with a bit of Jill's boss theme from RE5 too. That would probably sound badass, all kinds of badass.
Equipment: Pants(Comfortable), Shirt(Itchy, but pretty good), belt(Weird looking, tight), Magnum loaded Chicago Typewriter (Thompson submachine gun)
Character History: A failed bio-weapon experiment on a transdimensional scale, this person was kidnapped and brought to a "building" "floating" in the interdimensional void, where they were experimented on by some of the smartest (and most in-the-know) scientists from groups like the Umbrella Corporation, the Galactic Federation and Space Pirates, Gentek (The creators of the Blacklight virus from Prototype), and various others from various dimensions. Long story short, he was a scientists playground for putting foreign bodies and modifying DNA, and they ended up practically crazy, and very powerful. Then they killed the people who experimented on them, and escaped with the ability to transform into anyone (or anything), and travel transdimensionally at will. Not too smart putting that shit in 'em, don't you think?

-Fifty modified parasites from "Parasyte" loaded into their body at various points, linked together with the body's "network"
-Modified X parasite bio-mass and pseudo-DNA
-Captured Ingmatter
-Ragnarok parasitic/symbiotic Ooze
-Progenitor virus thing
-Prototype virus thing (What Albert Wesker took)
-Many (32) Dominant type Plaga
-Dozens (84) submissive type Plaga
-Multiple type 2 Plagas (up to 6 of Plaga A/B/C types each)
-Fourteen type 3 Plagas
-Uroboros virus (Properly merged genetically. Present in all three developmental stages)
-Phazon (15 strains, not including the different colored phazons, which they are also infused with)
-Z-virus (From origin Tawfret)
-Blacklight virus (Prototype, properly merged, like Mercer and...um...the other guy. Heller, James Heller)
-White-light virus too
-Bio-mechanical enhancements
-Cellular Bio-mechanical modification (Altering the cells physical structures, fusing them with Bio-mechanical nanobots almost as small as atoms interlinked to replicate biological form, this makes them(Subject XIV U-X) stronger than they would otherwise be, and enhances the already present abilities)
-Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Exoskeletons implanted/developed
-New vital internal organs grown to produce several of the substances infused, or to act as breeding grounds for the living entities
-Primary Endoskeleton underwent massive redevelopments for structural and armor integrity
-Primary Endoskeleton massively enhanced in defensive properties and structural support
-Secondary Endoskeleton/s developed to protect new vital internal organs
-Transdimensional transportation devices

-Bio-metal production (At will)
-Regeneration (Passive)
-DNA absorption (At will, with subject)
-Polymorphing (At will)
-Organic replication of Inorganic compounds (At will, mostly with polymorphing)
-Organic Data Processing (Passive/At will)
-Constant High Speed Evolution/Mutation (Passive, duh)
-DNA Optimization (Active, non At-will)
-Hovering/Air Dashing (From Prototype. Active)
-Memory Absorption (Passive/With Subject)
-Concentrated pseudo-plasma LASER vision (Eye-beams. Active)
-Energy Field Generation (Passive/Active, depends on the level to which it's done)
-Massively super/ultra-human physical capabilities
-Mass/Density Modification (Active/Passive. Situational)
-Transdimensional Travel (At will)
-And probably the general abilities of "The Evolved" from Prototype.

Weapons: Thompson Submachine Gun/Tommy Gun/Chicago Typewriter
Weapon Abilities: .45 Caliber Magnum shells fired from a Chicago Typewriter with a cylinder magazine with a spacial distortion that keeps it full at all times, in other words, infinite ammo. It's a chopper alright.
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U-X. Genocide
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