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 Boss Rules

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Boss characters are characters that are powerful and require one or more players to defeat. They can only be used as the main antagonists in a boss thread in the boss roleplay section.

WARNING: If you do not want your character to be permanently killed than you must come up with an escape or resurrection solution. (Example: Eggman from sonic always has a get-away machine if defeated and enough space to escape.)

Keep in mind, this character needs to be strong, but not too strong. Don't make him powerful enough to destroy entire planets, but do try to definitely make him stronger or just as strong as another character(Preferably stronger)

Note: The character itself cannot destroy a planet by any means. But it may use something else to possibly destroy a planet, and even that will be under question. Anything brought up that may possibly destroy planets will have to be approved by an admin, the rest of the character is up to the admin.

The application is as follows.

ID Name: (Account name)

Character Name: (Self Explanatory)

Race: (Self Explanatory)

Physical Description: (What the boss looks like in its basic form)

Minions: (What type of NPCs you have, rough estimate of numbers, their jobs (Research, theft, combat, ect ect))

Intentions: (What your goals are. Do they plan on dominating a planet, or multiple planets, kill a certain character(s), turn this realm into a shadow realm, etc.)

Abilities: (Shoot magic missiles, throw fire, summon weapons, etc.)

Number of players required to fight: (How many other players are needed to beat your character, keep it fair, don't say "5,000" or something of the sort, keep it below 5, even 4 would be pushing it)

Personality: (Self explanatory)

History: (Self Explanatory)

Number of Alternate forms: (As we all know, a lot of boss characters have an alternate form, like Ganondorf changes into Ganon, good example. Just list the number of forms they have.)

Alternate form descriptions: (Put into format as such.)

Form 1: (just copy if there are more forms)
Name of Form: (What this form's name is, if any)
Physical description of Form: (what this form looks like)
Abilities: (What this form can do.)
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Boss Rules
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