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 Beast of the Eighth Circle (Great Demon Beast of Order, Creation, and Syntropy)

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PostSubject: Beast of the Eighth Circle (Great Demon Beast of Order, Creation, and Syntropy)    Fri Jun 26, 2015 11:45 pm

Player ID: Sepulchre
Character Type: (PC or NPC)
Assumed Name/Alias: Cesiriel Novastara
Character name: Ochelain
Race: True Demon-Angel (eighth Great Demon-Beast, formed from demonic energy from between dimensions, and angelic energy from inside the interdimensional walls)
Body Shape: Humanoid or Non-Humanoid
Age: Eternal (If a temporal measure were to be applied to reality and existence, it would begin at the point where reality became what it is today, the nine Beasts were around before the beginning of reality in its current form, and their age is underterminable, measuring based on universal decay and rebirth (Which takes approximately 84 nonillion years to occur, give or take a few dozen nonillion (million, billion, trillion, quadrillion, quintillion, sextillion, septillion, octillion, nonillion)...er, actually, about...no, that should be possibly accurate) the Beasts have existed for 9,000 nonillion universal cycles, but that is not an exact age in years, and that measure would, as stated, begin at a point after the Beasts, and therefor Ochelain, came into being)
Gender: none, gender means nothing to an omni/extradimensional entity of the kind Ochelain is, as there are an indeterminate number of genders, and the Beasts do not possess the traits of any one or multiple unless they themselves willfully take on those traits
Height: indeterminable, can change its shape with more ease than changing clothes
Weight: see above (Also, the Beasts are primarily composed of energy, and thus have nothing for gravity to affect, meaning no weight in the first place, at least not without willing themselves to have it)
Appearance: Ochelain has no set appearance, and possesses no true form. it retains several traits when not in "Mortal" bodies however, often taking on a bestial appearance similar to dogs, or cats, or foxes (or certain types of dragons), and is colored a white/golden-yellow, with a blue or yellow outline (Opposing Sepulture's coloring and nature), it has no actual ears, just long flaming partially flat (inward curving like ears) horns coming out from the back of the sides of the head and pointing back and up. Its eyes are pure white, purer than anything humanity can recognize, with a beautiful blue outline, and it has no solid form (appearing like a flame, similar to the other Beasts, being as they are made of energy and not matter).
Known Languages: Ancient (The language that existed prior to existence as known, the Beast could speak it, but is still mostly insane, and Seppy has trouble accessing his memories (Not Seppy's, but Sepulture's, Sepulture is the only Beast to identify with one gender over all others or even any, and it was male, though didn't have the parts)
Alignment: Balance (Ochelain must maintain balance in existence, making sure that neither Order nor Chaos become too powerful, the same with Creation and Destruction, or Syntropy (working name) and Entropy, Sepulchre/Sepulture has the same duty, and is aligned the same in actuality)
Prime Sin: none
Based off of what show/game/etc: none
Personality: fluid, while not chaotic and changing completely at the drop of a hat, Ochelain's personality is completely un-set, changing from one set up to another fluidly flowing from one to the next.
Strengths: Highly intelligent and experienced, extremely creative (Pun, but only half intended, the use of puniness wasn't the intention), cannot be truly killed (only banished or dissipated for a time when in mortal form), does not feel pain, can heal from most any wound in a short time
Weaknesses: extremely bad at combat (They just aren't built for it), often unable to hold onto an idea unless it makes it a reality quickly, is required to take mortal form when on mortal planes (and can thus be banished or dissipated temporarily)
Likes/Dislikes: varies by current personality, they shift over the course of thousands of years, sometimes even millions
Other: "buddies" with Sepulchre (But not Sepulture, "The Beast")
Theme Song: Cantana for dancing (Remix of Nobuo Uematsu's "Dancing Mad/ly")
Character History: explained (what is really important anyway) in general discussion under an exposition topic about the history of demons and the nine Beasts. Ochelain mainly just does its job, and is very boring most of the time, and the few things it's done are hardly worth note, let alone mention.

-can manipulate reality through "True Creation", but is limited by how much destruction there is, lest it stray beyond the limits of balance
-can instill Order in any situation, but is limited by how much chaos there is out of the balance area
-can create growth through Syntropy, but is limited by the level of Entropic Decay being made happen by the ninth
-These three base abilities can be used together in such a manner that they greatly resemble magic, granting Ochelain access to a great pool of skills, but they are limited by how much it can put in without unbalancing the universe (Which would result in stagnation of reality there until Sepulchre/Sepulture/the ninth Beast destroyed, decayed, and disordered enough to balance everything out)

Techniques: none really, Ochelain doesn't engage in combat frequently enough to have made any real techniques, and in fact, cannot fight outside of its Beast form at all, due to lack of training with any form of combatative equipment.
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Beast of the Eighth Circle (Great Demon Beast of Order, Creation, and Syntropy)
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