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 Aiden Dravesch (WIP)

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PostSubject: Aiden Dravesch (WIP)   Mon Jun 15, 2015 12:48 am

Player ID: Sepulchre
Character Type: PC
Assumed Name/Alias: Aiden Dravesch
Character name: unknown, he doesn't (we don't) remember his original/birth name
Race: Half human/dragon
Body Shape: Humanoid or Non-Humanoid
Age: 5,023
Gender: male
Height: 6'0/8'1+
Weight: 181/632.22+ LB
Known Languages: English (Human language), Draconic, bits and pieces of demonic (Taught by Sepulchre, he can't pronounce the words properly due to his incorrect physical build, but can understand bits)
Alignment: Neutral good
Prime Sin: once was pride, now unknown
Based off of what show/game/etc: D&D in part, but not entirely
Strengths: super-human, highly intelligent, very charismatic, highly observant
Weaknesses: without his weapon, he is highly susceptible to dragonbane/dragonsbane,
Theme Song: Dragon attack (By Testament)
Equipment: Wandering Bard's outfit (Functions as a cross between explorer's outfit and performer's outfit, which can be found, though not seen, in the player's handbook for D&D 3.5. it looks like a version of the red-mage's outfit from FF1, but with everything but the hat being a more subdued brown color. The tunic that is under the cloak has two holes on the back for his wings to pass through), the Dragon slayer (An immense ten foot long sword with a two foot handle ending in a ring with a magical ribbon (enchanted to extend to whatever length he needs it to be) made from the hair of a fire-rat. the ribbon is nearly indestructible, and the blade really is, being made from dragon bones, scales, mythril, and adamantine, as well as a few other substances which were part of it from the beginning (The dragon parts, mythril/mithril, and adamantine were later additions put in during a reforging of the blade to give the full effects to his armor (Which he doesn't have anymore unfortunately)) it would be impossible for anyone other than him to wield this insanely long sword (which is also around a foot wide and two to three inches thick) due to both immense weight (Which an enchantment on the blade makes him not feel, it feels weightless to him) and simply its huge size (Which makes it insanely unwieldy), the horsey satchel (a satchel made originally to be worn by a horse or centaur, he took it off the mutilated corpse of on of his adventuring companions (A centaur, he brought his own death about in a horrific fashion (rape by dragon induced by dragon pheromones), it contains a small pocket dimension approximately the size of a grand chest (Or something like that), with size dimensions of five by three by six (feet), the space inside the satchel (Which was resized to fit him) changes to fit whatever is put inside it, no matter the dimensions of the object), the dragon-flute (Which has several abilities, the primary one being to summon his pet/familiar dragon to help him in his endeavors. His dragon has the appearance of a red-dragon merged with a black-dragon, and is at the Mature-Adult stage of development, the others have actually not been discovered yet)
Character History:

Skills: (All skills are at max-rank)
-gather information
-decipher script
-handle animal
-sense motive

-animal affinity
-whirlwind attack (Weapon special)
-spring attack
-die hard
-improved critical
-cleave (weapon special)
-great cleave (Weapon special)

Abilities: natural capabilities and learned skills not a part of the D&D world
-Flame manipulation (He can manipulate flames, obviously because of his dragon side)
-Dragon-Breath (intense flaming breath, with gaseous dragonsbane passing through as well)
-Dracolith form (his half dragon form, humanoid in basic shape, but with draconic aspects like wings, a tail, large fangs in his mouth, horns, scales, claws, and so on.)
-Size change (in dracolith form Aiden is able to adjust his size, growing less and less human, and more and more draconic the larger he gets)
-Dragon form (what it sounds like, Aiden uses natural magics in his body to assume a full dragon form, growing to the size of a mature adult, his body having physical/visual aspects of a red dragon (primary build, and half of the scale color), silver dragon (Secondary build), white dragon(secondary build), and gold dragon (pretty much just the scale coloration being added for this one), giving him access to a powerful breath attack, thick deadly claws, huge fangs, and...you know...dragon stuff. he actually has four wings in this form, instead of the standard two)

-sword throw/whip (using the ribbon attached to the handle of the sword he can throw his sword straight ahead, kind of like scorpion with his "Get over here!" thing. or more accurately, the thing that seems to be based on)
-ribbon flail (Using the ribbon as a base for grip, he manipulates the throw of his sword mid-air, adding a head-over-tail spin to it (Like the screw-attack), increasing the damage of the hit from the buzz-saw like affect)
-Whip-wind attack (a whirlwind attack using the ribbon on his sword to increase the range, he spins it over his head and adjusts where the blade at the end would be)

Wandering Bard's outfit (All but the hat are a subdued calm nature brown, and it's not exact, but more a close idea which is similar enough to be used as a placeholder)
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.][You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]" />
(more than a bit big, sorry)

Weapons: Dragon-slayer (Temporary name)
Weapon Abilities/Traits:
-trait: The ribbon attached to the ring on the end of the handle can extend to any length Aiden needs it to (Within reason) with just a simple mental command
-trait: Greater Dragonsbane (in D&D terms, it would add 4d6 damage against dragons and dragonkin)
-ability/trait: Bane-Blood (Adds immunity to dragonsbane as well as dragonsbane to the claws, teeth, and breath attacks)
-ability/trait: piercing (allows it to hit multiple enemies at once, this (The sword) was made for D&D games, so judge with that in mind)
-Greater Trait: Dragon-Bitching (Make dragons your bitch! again, D&D stat based, but allows the sword to ignore the AC (Armor Class) of draconic enemies)
-Greater-Trait: Feather-weight (despite the sword weighing an unimaginable amount, Aiden does not feel the effects of the sword's weight on his body, as if it were literally weightless, despite the weight having full effect on other entities)
-Greater-Trait: negative-encumbrance (Despite the blade's immense size, Aiden does not feel any effects that would make the blade unwieldy, as if it were a part of his own body, this allows him to wield the blade as well with one hand as with two, though he usually uses two for the strength bonus (1.5 times the normal damage bonus for strength), he usually only uses one hand for throw attacks)
-simple-trait: huge size (Because of how immense the sword is, Aiden can actually use it as cover, and just holding it covers a large amount of his body, adding to his AC)
-trait: +5 adamantine blade (Again, taken from the actual game stuff)
-Greater-Trait: Momentum Retention (After Aiden applies momentum to the blade, such as throwing it, it will not lose momentum from lesser forces like drag, or friction, or anything like that, and anything that cannot provide enough resistance to instantly stop an object of equal mass, weight, and average energy output at the speed it is moving will be unable to cause the blade to sl...to change the acceleration of the blade, outside of Aiden himself)
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Aiden Dravesch (WIP)
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