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 Jonathan dyne

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PostSubject: Jonathan dyne   Fri Mar 20, 2015 1:38 pm

Player ID: Sepulchre
Character name: Jonathan Dyne
Race: human
Body Shape: Humanoid
Age: 16
Gender: male
Height: 6'5
Weight: 196 pounds
Appearance: has messy long hair that changes color with his mood or will (depending on if he's focusing on it), this trait crosses over to his eyes and skin as well. his back is covered in scars obtained from his time in the realm of dreams, and his body seems well toned despite being weak, another thing likely caused by the dream realm.
Known Languages: English, with fragmented German, Spanish, French, Italian, and Japanese (with a few that are even less complete)
Alignment: Neutral
Prime Sin: none (yet, he's still young)
Based off of what show/game/etc: a dream I had the night before starting to work on him
Personality: odd, as if not adjusted to the world. He is constantly acting like he's from another world, and finds strangeness normal and normalcy is uncomfortable for him
Strengths: has many powers due to his balls
Weaknesses: is physically weak, and impulsive
Likes/Dislikes: heavy metal, the taste of iron/blood, and winning/ losing, soft rock, disgusting things
Other: constantly seeks out weirdness and adventure
Theme-Song: towards dead end - children of bodom
Character History: As a young child he became trapped in a nightmare realm, where universal laws were quite different from his world. Quite early into his years there, he accidentally dropped a weight (some kind of dumbbell) on his foot, and (I kid you not) a small blue sphere rolled out of his foot. He was confused by this and picked up the sphere and examined it, finding nothing strange about it other than how beautiful it was and the fact that it CAME FROM HIS FOOT, he stopped caring and started to pick up the weight, only to find it lifting without him lifting a finger. the sphere had given him telekinetic powers, but his enjoyment of them was short lived, as the weight dropped onto his feet again, this time getting both of them. It's up to you to decide whether or not it's surprising that more trinkets like the blue orb came from his feet, mostly more orbs of varying colors and opacities, but also some toy cars and other things of the like. after that, he repeated the process on purpose, loading all the objects into a bag he had found in his hand for no explainable reason. from there, he found that each different type of object had a different power, and that the candies and other edible that had been in the bag previously also gave him powers which were quite useful in both surviving and staying sane inside of the nightmare/dream realm. upon leaving, he found that his body had changed, and he still had his bag full of theoretically magical trinkets. He changed his name and began wandering all over the place. You see, having adjusted to the level of weirdness inside of the dream realm, the mundane normal world was always just a bit...off to him after he returned, leading him to search for adventure and oddities within his world to match with his new comfort level.

Abilities: all abilities are reliant upon his balls and toys

Techniques: none

Goody-Grab-Bag: a small bag with a drawstring at the opening which contains it's own private pocket dimension, inside of which are ****'s balls and toys (his "goodies"), each of which has a different ability. the "balls" are seemingly crystal spheres a few inches in diameter, free of all physical imperfections like cracks or mounds, they are completely opaque most of the time, and clear or clear-ish ones have different abilities than opaque ones of the same color. the toys are things like model cars, jacks (those things you would lay on the ground and try to collect before a bouncy ball stopped bouncing), key-chain figures, and the like. the bag also contains various candies and other edibles which provide temporary powers which disappear after a time and never return without eating an identical piece. below will be a list of the most commonly used balls, toys, and candies. Items can only be used for a limited amount of time before they are temporarily drained of their energy, but with each use of an item, he can use that type for half a second longer (limited to the EXACT type of item he used, a telekinesis ball will only increase his time limit for telekinesis balls, base limit twelve seconds for reusables, two minutes for consumables (which are replaced within two days or less after consumption). when an item is drained of its energy, it will disappear and sink to the bottom of the bag, well out of his reach, until it is recharged, which takes anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours, luckily, he has many of each kind of item, so this doesn't present too much of a problem unless he is using a single type without taking into consideration his limits. When he reaches in, either the bag will give him an item based on the situation, and what it feels will be best, or he can search for a particular item with his mind and draw it from the bag with his will.
-Dark-Blue Sphere-telekinesis: these balls give him the ability to lift and move objects with his mind, at the base, a single ball will only last him for a few seconds, but they are still useful.
-Blue-White Sphere-ice projection: allows him to create ice with no limits other than his time limit.
-Red Sphere-teleportation: one of the more unique spheres, this one has a limit on jumps, rather than a limit on the amount of time it can be used for.
-Fiery Sphere: gives him the ability to generate and manipulate fire, it has multiple colors in it (various reds, oranges, and whites), and is semi-opaque.
-Small Black Car-possession: a small black toy racing style car with a stylized yellow number two on the left (if facing the headlights) door, gives him the ability to temporarily jump to another body, he uses this one a lot, unique in that there is only one of these in his bag, recharges quite quickly with that in mind.
-piece of chocolate-super strength: consumable, many in number, and gives him the ability to lift up to ten times his body weight without breaking a sweat, frequently used. Tasty too.
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Jonathan dyne
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