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 Power-Classes and Hierarchy of Demons

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Power-Classes and Hierarchy of Demons Empty
PostSubject: Power-Classes and Hierarchy of Demons   Power-Classes and Hierarchy of Demons EmptySun Mar 08, 2015 2:26 am

A breakdown of the Power-Classing system and power based hierarchy of inter-dimensional demons.

Fodder/Cannon-Fodder Class: The weakest kind of demons, these are the ones that higher demons send out as front-line forces to get slaughtered and whittle away at the enemy's stamina. Hence the name. Most are not sentient, and are nothing more than mindless beasts, but there are those rare few who seem destined to move up who have minds.
Tenth-Class: The weakest of the proper class system. They all have the ability to shapeshift, which is the oddly chosen requirement along with superior power that allows them to move up from fodder-class. They have power and abilities about on par with a medium level anime character or Dante/Nero/Vergil/Sparda from Devil May Cry.
Ninth-Class: Stronger than tenth class. These demons aren't much, but a single one could easily take down an army of humans single-handedly in under a day or conquer a planet in a week.
Eighth-Class: The next step up, Eighth-Classers tend to be about like gods from polytheistic religions, with control over natural elements, and the capability to create life. (this is just a generalization, It's been a long time since I thought about low class demons, so they don't have perfectly defined boundaries.)
Seventh-Class: Powerful, but not perfect. These demons are much stronger than any of the classes below them, but are magnificently outshined by anything above them. (Even less definition to these, they tend to be about ten times stronger than the minimum requirement for eighth class at the low end, and the high end tend to be about ten times stronger than that.)
Sixth-Class: These demons approach demi-god status, being able to perform acts like controlling celestial bodies and destroying continents, they do not however, meet quite the requirements to be like unto demi-gods just yet.
Fifth-Class: Plain and simple, they are demonic Demi-Gods. They can manipulate time and space to an extent and many possess the ability to create and destroy matter within reality.
Fourth-Class: With what's about to come, many would expect these to be the strongest, but nope. These are quite effectively demonic Gods, note the capitalized G, like those found in most monotheistic religions. They can create and destroy matter and manipulate reality like a puppet on a string, but their power does have limits. Fourth class demons are respected by even the three above them, as they had to work hard to become so powerful, and they are truly quite powerful.
Third-Class: Similar to fourth class demons, they can manipulate reality, but they have the ability to do it to a much greater extent, and for much longer. It is generally accepted that they tend to be about a hundred times stronger at base than a high level class four.
Second-Class: Their power is immeasurable. Many second class demons are immortal and nearly all-powerful. they tend to be thousands of times stronger than a class three.
First-Class: The strongest traditionally held class among demons. Class one demons seem to have practically no limits, and treat reality and most other demons as their bitches. There are only a few hundred class one demons among all of demonkind, spread out across the cubic(to the power of three; cubed) infinity of the infinite dimensions, universes, and space.

Exceed-Class: These demons are so few in number that this class is almost not accepted as a real class. to be accepted into this class, a demon must have power that exceeds that of a high-level rank ten First-Class demon by several million times over. In all of reality, there are only four or five demons within this category. though there are several more that would fall into this category based on power, they are not demons of the same kind as these, and thus can't be counted.

Demon Hierarchy: A demons social status is based entirely on their level of power. A tenth class demon for instance, while they would be regarded as a living being, they would still be treated as less than dirt by demons of higher power, even those within the same class. When being compared to human society, their social ranks would be somewhat like this:
Tenth-Class = Slave or extremely low ranking peasant
Ninth-Class = Peasant
Eighth-Class = Merchant or higher ranking peasant
Seventh-Class = High ranking merchant or low level Aristocrat
Sixth-Class = Low level Noble, like a baron
Fifth-Class = resides high among nobility, close to royalty
Fourth-Class = Effectively royalty, princes or princesses
Third-Class = Equivalent to a King or Queen
Second-Class = A low level god or high level demi-god among demon society
First-Class = Treated as Gods among men by lower classed demons

Exceed-Class = something akin to myths, or legends. They are revered in name, but when encountered directly, are often met with disbelief and aggression.

(This is not perfect! Edits will likely be made at a later date to fix the flaws!)
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Power-Classes and Hierarchy of Demons
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