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 Mach 1

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PostSubject: Mach 1   Sat Feb 28, 2015 2:02 pm

Player ID: Sepulchre
Character name: calls himself Mach
Race: Hyper-accelerated Human (base DNA uses human as a base, but capable of superspeed.)
Body Shape: Humanoid
Age: 16
Gender: male
Height: 6'6
Weight: 201 pounds/91.4kg
Takes parts from each and my imagination, take the base from 1&3, hair from 2 (only a little wilder), wears a blue jacket with a white stripe down the middle along the zipper area, has a white fur collar. Wears a pair of fairly bulky headphones with sonic like ears on top to complete the image (constantly blaring music). his smile is softer than the pictures, and almost constantly worn.
Known Languages: English, bits and pieces of Japanese, German, Spanish, Russian, and maybe a few others
Alignment: Neutral
Based off of what show/game/etc: sonic the hedgehog (design, character is just another superspeeder.)
Personality: playful and childish, often believed mature for his age (or he was when he was younger), "sonic" mode gives him an outlet for his less mature side.
Strengths: moves at super-human speeds (mach-2 seems to be his max-speed), extremely good at playing guitar (can play even while moving at mach-1), more durable than a regular human, highly enhanced senses (receives and processes information much faster).
Weaknesses: human bodies aren't designed for moving at the speed of sound, so while he is more durable, a good solid hit while moving top or even half speed can break most of the bones in his body with ease, hospitalizing him for months.
Likes/Dislikes: music/pain
Equipment: shoes and clothing designed to withstand sonic and super-sonic speeds perfectly, a blue wig that only he can remove which takes the place of his natural hair while on his head. a highly durable guitar (made with sonic speeds in mind).
Character History: being as he was born with the ability to move faster than any human possibly can, he wasn't exactly well received by the people around him who knew. He quickly learned not to let his power show, and eventually anyone who had known had all but forgotten about his ability to move so fast. When he was young he found out about the Sonic-the-Hedgehog series, and began patterning himself in part on it, drawing from his similarities to the titular character. When he was older, this led to him searching the web for pictures of human-sonic (like I did to find those three being used for his description), putting a few of his own ideas in and then having a costume custom made which he could switch into. this led to the Sonic-boy showing up around the world, and this led to the same problem as it had before: people feared him and would never accept him. But he had another face to hide behind, so it didn't matter to him anymore; he could finally be himself.

Abilities/Techniques: change-up: while spinning in place at super-speeds like a top, he quickly changes his clothing and hair (pulls off the special wig), returning to his normal form, or doing the reverse and entering sonic-mode.

Weapons: blade tonfas
Weapon Abilities: indestructible
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Mach 1
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