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PostSubject: SepEth   Sat Feb 21, 2015 4:35 pm

Player ID: Sepulchre
Character name: Adrathe'Tser (SepEth)
Race: High-Demon (demon ranked highly among the hierarchy of inter-dimensional demons, ranking is based on power)
Body Shape: Humanoid
Age: undefined, tens of thousands of years old (reincarnates upon death, ageless)
Gender: male (primarily)
Height: usually 6'6 to 7'0
Weight: unknown (he can control the effect of gravity on his body to an extent)
Appearance: depends on the life he is living, though he can alter his incarnated bodies to his preferred form (can't word fully, hopefully will be able to eventually). preferred form has silvery white hair, kept slicked back in the front in a spiky-ish style, in the back it is kept in a braid ending in a blade that goes down almost to his feet. each forearm is similar to Nero's devil-bringer, however the spiky thing is on the elbow, there are two more a few inches to either side that follow the arm (along the circumference), they are colored black for the...flesh(?) part, fiery orange-red for the energy like part. Each finger ends in a claw, and all of them (the fingers) are more armored than the one used by Nero, with a thin spike equal in length to the previous segment of finger coming out of the back of each joint. His eyes are red with black sclera, and his teeth are all fangs that fit together perfectly when he closes his jaw. ((possesses a "True Demonic" Form, but I couldn't (wouldn't be able to) describe that no matter how hard I tried.))
Known Languages: speaks only Demonic and high-demonic, understands most languages however.
Alignment: true Neutral
Based off of what show/game/etc: he would probably be considered to take some inspiration from DMC
Personality: Similar to Sepulchre, however, he is much more light-hearted, both in his actions and his thoughts (has a hidden darkness within him)
Strengths: super-human physique (strength,endurance,speed, body stuff),super-human senses (not just the five, but all nine basic senses), incredibly good at demonic energy manipulation. (other: same as Sepulchre, just less pronounced and less used)
Weaknesses: As a demon, holy power tends to effect him negatively (he drinks divinely blessed holy-water to get drunk both in spite of, and with this in consideration), the conflicting personalities within his cobbled-together multi-soul often cause problems for him, especially during intense combat situations. does not have access to his true levels of magic.
Likes/Dislikes: changes with the time for the most part, he enjoys fighting at all times and finds humans...distasteful.
Other: can appear within the same realm as any of his counterparts. seals his true power willingly and purposefully.
Equipment: that's a long list that would go further than it's probably supposed to, just look at weapons/armor down below for the ones worth mentioning.
Character History: An alternate version of Sepulchre, who, due to certain...circumstances. Decided to eradicate all humans, both alive and dead, from existence. His Devil cousin, being unwilling to see humans erased from existence, tried to stop him. However, he had fully merged with Sepulchure, and with his new-found power, consumed his cousin. This act added his cousin's power and weapons to his own, however, after completing his..."mission", the newly absorbed soul began affecting his personality. This led to a new entity being born. Some call him SepEth, taking the first three letters from each of their primary names and slapping them together, but most Demons call him "Adrathe'Tser" which translates from demonic into "The Abomination", which to them, is what he is. He has met his other-reality counterpart who did not do this several times due to...other circumstances.

- Demonic energy manipulation: he can control and manifest the demonic energy around and inside of him, and can use it to devastating effect.
- Demon rift: He has the ability to open inter-dimensional rifts at only one end, giving him access to the infinite font of raw, unrefined demonic energy in it's strongest form. He cannot control this ability while restricting himself however, so it goes unused.
- Sepulchre: (possesses all the same abilities as Sepulchre, they go as unused as the demon rift most of the time however)

- Destruct lance: he creates a (throwing) lance of destructively charged demonic energy, this can be used for close combat, but its power comes out when it impacts after being thrown (he is immune to the resulting explosion)
- Demon-Drive: He mimics Dante's Drive technique, coating his sword in demonic energy and the slashing it to launch the energy where he wants it to go, quite powerful.

Armor(primary): Shadow-Kaiser coat
Armor description: takes the form of an infinite number of ribbons -black on one side, white on the other (each flat face)- that form into whatever clothing he wants. most often takes on the form of a duster, very similar in form to the coats worn by Dante across the main series, with lines of black and white on the outside similar to the Beowulf gauntlets/grieves (but without one color shifting), on the inside the cost is a shadowy black with letters in Grand-high Demonic written in vibrant glowing red dispersed fairly randomly. As the ribbons make up all of his clothing, they also cover pants and footwear, these are respectively: almost identical to Sepulchre's shadow clothing pants, including the shifting shadows at the waist-line (though the pants are more like Beowulf in coloration and design, including the black line thing they have going); a pair of grieves similar in design to Beowulf's grieve design, however, the claws are relocated to the rising part of the grieve, with the spike/claw on the outside of the leg (right for right, left for left) being the largest, the inside being the middle length, and the center being the shortest (the boots/grieves go up half his legs, with the largest spike stopping just short of his knee, the middle length going three quarters, and the smallest going 5/8 up his leg (from the bottom where they all start) they still have the coloration Beowulf has).
abilities: the ribbons that make up the coat can be controlled with mere thought, and can be weaponized or used as a shield. the ribbons themselves are indestructible, but without an infinite -or nearly infinite- font of magic to make them go rigid and stay mostly rigid in case of an attack, they offer only protection when he can react; something that would stab him will still stab him, sometimes the ribbons will even part to allow the source of harm through.

Weapon picture:
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Weapon1: Ultima (sword)
Weapon Abilities: grows stronger and changes shape and size based on the power of the wielder (seems to react more to demonic power than divine or otherwise); can cut through any mortal material and most divine and demonic materials. (I'll try to give details on this weapon that exists across multiple...entities within my personal..."world" elsewhere once I have enough of the story worded and written down to actually put in)

weapon picture:
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Weapon2: Ender (handgun)
Weapon Abilities: focuses his demonic energy into a destructive bullet that uses little of what he has stored to form and fire despite its power. He created it and makes it look like one of Dante's (from the spin-off game) guns, as both of his halves enjoyed the DMC series and have always liked the style of the weapons.

weapons(end): has access to the same weapons as Sepulchre. These do not always go unused.

(Not necessarily entirely finished, but good enough based on what I can really get out.)

Last edited by Sepulchre on Sat Feb 21, 2015 11:59 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : forgot the pants and footwear.)
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