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 Chaotic Void child, Asher

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PostSubject: Chaotic Void child, Asher   Sat Jan 31, 2015 4:11 pm

Player ID: Sepulchure
Character name: Un-named (goes by the alias "Asher")
Race: theoretically human
Body Shape: Humanoid
Age: unknown (theoretically immortal)
Gender: male
Height: 6'8
Weight: 210 pounds
Appearance: Appears to be a fairly attractive young man around 17-19 years of age his hair seems to shift color almost constantly, ranging from void-black to heavenly golden-white and everything in-between, he is somewhat muscular, and possesses only one scar on his entire body, located directly over his core, he has a scar in the shape of the symbol of the void, which cannot be comprehended by mortals (thus it appears to be a circle with a stylized X running through it). Though his eyes do not shift in quite the same way as his hair, they do change from deep blue, to red, to a shade of black that brings to mind chaos and the nothingness of the void depending on his mental state at the time, showing in several layers of rings. his hair varies in length from sighting to sighting, so not really any way to make other note of it.
Known Languages: English, Latin, all languages lost to the void/oblivion, and the chaotic "language" of the void
Alignment: Neutral
Personality: Chaotic, seems to change from meeting to meeting, even with those who would normally know him well. many describe him as insane, but he suffers from no mental illnesses, nor any of the brain itself, he merely has a powerful connection with the void.
Strengths: possesses superhuman strength and durability, and is linked directly to the void and oblivion, granting him a leeway with reality not possessed by other. due to his erratic fighting style, he is unpredictable in battle, and is almost impossible to read.
Weaknesses: tends to overestimate his abilities, and his erratic fighting style does not work with planning, and can get him in trouble. Also, his chaotic form of combat often prevents even him from knowing his next move, which can be as much a weakness as a strength.
Likes/Dislikes: changes with the time, he is often compared to the wind in how he changes directions on a whim.
Other: his theme is shepherd of fire, by Avenged Sevenfold
Equipment: only the clothes on his back.
Character History: This person was born from the void (the infinite darkness of nothingness) and oblivion (the chaos of the end, effectively reality's garbage dump/landfill, where everything that is no longer goes.); and as such, though he is biologically a human, he possesses the force of chaos and nothingness inside of him, and is connected to an almost limitless number of pocket dimensions (lost fragments of the void), able to connect to them at will, and is capable of transcending the limitations of space through a mere effort of will. This has made him the subject of experimentation and hatred his entire life, which has robbed him of any shred of sympathy for those around him. he has been stealing and murdering since he was young, using his powers for things that are normally considered evil, but he merely does them to survive. He wanders the earth, never stopping, and yet never moving forward.

Abilities/Techniques: a seemingly limitless number of pocket dimensions are connected to him, and he can create portals to and from them, as well as create a nearly endless number of portals through space as long as he can either see where he is going to create the portal, or knows the location exactly. Should he create a portal inside of something, the space (or lack of it should there be no portal paired to it) between the two sides of whatever he created a portal inside of will bisect that something. he can also conjure up void flame, a fire that burns without fuel or heat, which can often melt through anything, though it depends on the user and their mental state.
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Chaotic Void child, Asher
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