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 the nameless

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PostSubject: the nameless   Fri Jan 02, 2015 8:04 pm

Player ID: christenMX
Character name: the nameless wanderer
Race: corrupted divine child (similar in nature to Christ, possesses few of the benefits due to corruption)
Body Shape: Humanoid
Age: several hundred years, exact age unknown
Gender: male
Height: 6'6
Weight: 212 pounds
Appearance: a young man with sun-tanned brown hair in an Italian ponytail reaching to his knees. His body is fairly muscular, with the muscles that, while prominent, do not cause him to look over-masculine (or like he uses steroids), and he is covered head to toe in scars in the shape of a giant binding "circle" made up of many smaller ones, even his once brown eyes are not left alone, and have been tattooed with binding circles
Known Languages: English, Japanese, Russian, German, various forms of Demonic and angelic
Alignment: good, supposedly
Based off of what show/game/etc:
Personality: not particularly well documented, appears to be fairly fun loving, but occasionally shows a much more serious, brooding side, and other traits have also been identified, but only rarely
Strengths: possesses many demons in service to him (that is the purpose of the binding circles), and he can summon them at will, his body also appears to act as a vessel for their power, which allows him to draw on their powers, though not to the extent they can. blessed by heaven, providing him with holy protection from the divine.
Weaknesses: though blessed by heaven, the immense amount of demonic energy flowing through him at all times causes him to be extremely vulnerable to non-divine holy power and weapons, like those possessed by priests and demon exorcists.
Likes/Dislikes: anime, music (especially Japanese music based on anime and games), video games/ idiots, cruel beasts that call themselves men (not referring to the gender), evil that disguises itself as good
Other: can identify the demonic without even witnessing it because of his fascination with it (such as demonically possessed objects)
- Shifting Cloak of Flame and Shadow: a magical cloak that can change it's shape into any form of clothing, and many forms of weaponry, provides defense and strength based on the power of it's user, and the magic they put into it. has access to a sub-dimension used for storing pieces of equipment.
- Blade of the dark Flame: a short-sword wreathed in flames that cannot be put out, and will never burn their owner, the blade is indestructible, and legendary among demons.
- spear of destiny, Longinus: the spear often presumed to have killed Jesus as he was crucified, which bestows on it's wielder immortality. Though this is not true, it is a powerful demonic weapon with a long and bloody history, cannot be destroyed by any technology or magic.
- trapped lightning: a scimitar like blade that contains the power of a thousand bolts of lightning, though they are lost as the wielder strikes, they will recharge over time.
- Gungnir: the legendary spear of Odin, though not really. This is simply a replica, though a good one. it always returns to the user after being thrown, and upon impact explodes violently, like a hundred lightning strikes compressed into a spear, it is bound to him, so he can never lose it. unlike his other weapons however, it can be destroyed if hit with enough force, though time will repair it.
- demon axe, Fuckslayer: this almost axe-shaped guitar is possessed by a powerful demon, and as such is sentient, it can communicate with it's user, and bestows upon them the skill of a heavy-metal demon-god. It also possesses low level telekinesis, and is able to lift light to mid weight objects with it's mind by manipulating the flow of energy around the object in question.
Character History: Once the child born to be the messiah of the people in the war between heaven and hell, this boy grew up...different from what his purpose was believed to be, finding a fascination with the demonic; though he never wished to summon demons, nor did he worship them. When he was young, he found that a type of children's toy being marketed to the masses actually were vessels for demons bound to them with a magic circle. They had once been dolls that were sealed away, with the intent for them to never surface again; but with all the excavating being done on the planet, they were uncovered, and a company took them and redesigned them into a plush toy for children. These toys would steal the children's souls as soon as they looked into the dolls eyes, and the boy recognized that, without even seeing one of the true ones, as the company had made some without the remains of the sealing dolls for advertisements, and began buying them. He used a circle he drew in his attic based on the one from the toys to bind to demons in place, before tattooing them with a binding circle that bound them to the one who had it's twin carved into their skin...which just so happened to be him of course. eventually, he collected all of the possessed plush dolls, and had bound all of the demons to himself, but despite the amount of demonic power running through him, while under their influence, he actually became a better person, and the amounts of the seven sins that he displayed reduced dramatically. One day, and angel disguised as a human visited his house, having been sent by heaven to remove the source of the demonic presence from the area, and discovered how much better he had become. She took him to heaven to be seen by her superiors, and they were amazed by this fact, but could not deny it. by the time he left heaven and returned to Earth, he had received a holy blessing of protection and earned the respect of many angels. unfortunately, not long after that, the war between the divine and the demonic began, and he was stuck in the middle with both sides trying to tug on him -though they failed- and fighting to destroy one another. Eventually, the demonic won the war, and earth became indistinguishable from the Makai. He has traveled the world since then, living apart from the humans and demons, and in the centuries, his name has become lost to the sands he walks.

Abilities/Techniques: has the ability to summon any of the demons bound to him at will, though only a few at a time. also possesses the ability to conjure demonic flame and bolts of lightning.

Weapon1: blade of dark flame
Weapon Abilities: can burn through any material, and cut any spirit if wielded by one strong enough to draw out it's full power.

weapon2: Spear of destiny, Longinus
Weapon Abilities: can send out blasts of destructively powered demon energy, and can destroy any enemy before it's master, should they be strong enough to wield it to it's full potential.

weapon3: trapped lightning
Weapon Abilities: this blade can release the lightning stored inside at the will of the user, and can recharge itself over time and with additional application of electricity.

weapon4: lance of destruction, Gungnir
Weapon Abilities: When thrown, this lance possesses immense destructive power that it releases upon impact in the form of a massive, or not so massive, explosion; the only weapon to be permanently bound to him, as well as the only one that can be destroyed.

weapon5: Demon axe, Fuckslayer
Weapon Abilities: This guitar-axe can send out destructive waves of demonic energy as it is played, and wounds inflicted by it's blades will not heal except in the presence of powerful healing magic.
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Posts : 398
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PostSubject: Re: the nameless   Mon Jan 05, 2015 10:51 am

he is no longer a work in progress.
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the nameless
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