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 Lygia Levera

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PostSubject: Lygia Levera   Lygia Levera EmptySat Sep 01, 2012 10:47 am

Player ID: christenMX
Character name: Lygia Levera
Race: human, with magical mutations to grow wings at will. functional ones at that.
Body Shape: Humanoid
Age: 19
Gender: female
Height: 5'6
Weight:173 LB
Appearance: long blue hair, reaching to her knees, a kind, gentle face, and a sexy body.
Known Languages: summon and English
Alignment: good
Based off of what show/game/etc: the original had no basis except my mind, but she could not do much of anything, she later developed the spirit bow, which was based off of the quincies, and summoning, based off of Final Fantasy.
Personality: peppy, happy go lucky, but when she is down, she is down. her depression is powerful due to her past, which she talks to no one about.
Strengths: she is an expert bowman and has expert marksmanship, she can fly due to a pair of wings on her back, and she is an expert summoner.
Weaknesses: while she is a summoner and an expert bowman, she is frail from years of abuse, and is easily hurt, nor does she like to resort to violence except as a last resort, she would prefer to talk things out, and that can get her in a lot of trouble.
Likes/Dislikes: cute things, brave people, motherly and fatherly people, parents/ fighting, though she'll do it, gore, blood, messes, hatred, meanness.
Other: has a missing boyfriend
Equipment: a light chest plate, a shirt, pair of pants, and a glove for each hand, the right with finger tips that are armored with a kind of wire stretching to the base of the "glove", the left with a full glove that is lightly armored and has a small bow attached that grows a spiritual version to make the spirit bow.
Character History: her parents died only a few years into her life, but late enough for her to remember, and she had been taken to an orphanage that did not exactly care about the children in it. they were abusive people, and lygia was already sensitive from her parents death. she lived there until she was around 14, and then she left to see the world she lived on. when she was around 17, she met a boy her age, and they lived going around the world happily, but after a year and a half, her boyfriend supposedly died, and now she searches for him, moving from place to place when people tried to actually meet her instead of just letting her be.

(Only applies if character has abilities or techniques)
Abilities/Techniques: using the spirit bow and summoning creatures. summon list:
-chocobo, for riding and weak attacks
-golem, for absorbing hits for her, and being heavy
-fairy, for healing and spying
-bahamut, for attacking powerfully, and also for negotiations (bahamut could be a politician he's so good with words)
-egera, for attacking large things, and for lifting to high places
-Leviathan, for sea riding and drowning enemies with a tsunami
-berdora, for confusing enemies and digging tunnels.

Weapons: spirit bow
Weapon Abilities: creating powerful spirit arrows that deal large damage, and dissipate on impact.
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Lygia Levera
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