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 Alicia Ashiana

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Player ID: RildokxNanoFate
Character name: Alicia Ashiana
Race: Human
Body Shape: Humanoid
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Three Sizes: 83/60/85
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 165 lb.
Mage Rank: A with limiters, S w/out limiters
Appearance: Long blond hair that goes a little below her waist and light blue eyes.
Known Languages: English, Japanese
Alignment: Good
Based off of what show/game/etc: Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha
Personality: A strong willed, but kind and caring person. She would go out of her way to help a person. Thinks strategically when the need arises.
Strengths: Strong willed and strategic
Weaknesses: Will go in harms way to protect someone, not the greatest at melee combat
Likes/Dislikes: Kind people, kids, training/being treated like a kid, mean people
Equipment: Her device named Alaster, an intelligent staff type. When not in staff form it takes the shape of a purple gem that's on a necklace. Has a clip type cartridge system that holds 12 cartridges per clip.
Character History: Alicia was born on Mid-Childa in a family of mages, more importantly highly skilled mages. A lot was expected of her, being born in such a family, and she did nothing but deliver results. She joined the TSAB when she was 14 and was instructed by the best they had to offer before they had Nanoha as an instructor. At the age of 17 she was appointed to the 2148th Squadron of the Capital Air Force. Soon after turning 18 she became captain of the squadron and became well respected, even though she still is treated like a kid sometimes. She looks up to Nanoha, even though she's one year younger than her, and self taught herself speels similar to Nanoha, semi intentionally for some. Though she also taught herself others to differentiate herself from most mages, so she would stick out from the rest to be unique. Although she was born with the fire affinity for her spells, she is not the type to use it to destroy.

- Fire augmented magic
- Can choose not to implement fire augmentation to some spells, in which case it's just energy
- Telepathic communication with other mages
- Can use magic to help with physical things like sliding down a rope quickly without burning her hands and things like that
- Can create a communication line to anyone by using a screen showing the other person and herself for them to talk to them. It would display a profile of them, so going from the chest up.
- Can repair device and barrier jacket mid battle using magic
- Is able to fly while in her barrier jacket

Capture Type:
- Bind: Creates strong magical restraints around limbs to immobilize them. Deteriorates over time and can be broken.
- Chain Bind: Creates magical chains that sprout from underneath her opponent and ensnare them, immobilizing them. Deteriates over time and can be broken. Is a lot stronger than regular bind. A way to figure out it's coming is by a magic circle appearing underneath them.
Defense Type:
- Defenser: Creates a magical barrier to block oncoming attacks from all angles. Can be broken if enough force is used.
- Concentrate Defenser: Creates a barrier in one direction and is much stronger than defenser.
Attack Spells:
- Cinder Shooter (Shooting): A small ball that's red. Can make multiples of them and fire a barrage of them. Can redirect to attempt a second hit if it misses. Does moderate damage and can singe skin, if augmented.
- Plasma Shift (Shooting/Bombardment): Creates larger versions of cinder shooter in great mass. From there, when she launches the attack the balls fire red bolts that are similar to cinder shooter damage wise. After the barrage finishes, she concentrates whats left into a lance and launches it to do massive damage upon impact which explodes.
- Flaming Whip (Melee): She creates a whip extending from the end of her staff. It does moderate damage and can burn foes if unprotected, if augmented.
- Napalm Wave (Area-of-Effect): Creates 1-4 red cubes about the size of her torso. Those cubes then are launched, and when it hits something it spreads fire in a 10 meter diameter across all surfaces. The fire lasts until extinguished or dies out. She doesn't use this one often due to it's destructive capabilities to the terrain.
- Inferno Buster (Bombardment): An attack that has to charge up before launching. Creates a huge ball like cinder shooter that is about twice her size, which launches at half the speed a cinder shooter would go and creates a massive explosion upon impact, about 1.5 times as big as the lance from plasma shift.
- Hellfire Breaker (Bombardment): Another spell that has to charge, but much more powerful than the other charge one. She has to say, "To my fullest potential, I will blaze a new trail." before she starts the charge. This can take between 10 to 15 seconds to charge. Once charged, she unleashes a beam twice her size at her foe after saying, "Hellfire Breaker!" It's pretty similar to Nanoha's starlight breaker pretty much, but it can burn her opponent severely if unprotected, if augmented. She only uses this against enemies that deserve to be put down for good, if she chooses to augment it. If she doesn't augment it, she does it to knock out her opponent. So no befriending takes place when she uses this augmented (the joke is Nanoha usually befriends those she SLBs).
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Alicia Ashiana
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