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PostSubject: Drakolith   Drakolith EmptyWed May 16, 2018 6:16 am

A nearly extinct warrior race from the world of Tawfret, the immortal(in the "Can't die of natural causes" sense of course) Drakolith warriors were created at least a millennium before the events of any storyline. Magically created by splicing together humans, dragons, and some extinct feline race, they have superhuman strength and agility, along with a healing factor and high magic potential, the Drakonian Kingdom lasting for centuries before being wiped out. How they were actually taken out despite this is unknown, though there are survivors who were sealed away in stasis for their safety, including the hunter Talon who was taken in by the Hawke family at an early age when she was discovered.

They are all characterized by their humanoid, scaly appearance, having smooth scales instead of skin of various colors, along with several armored patches of scales that they seem to be able to shift around at will. They have tails, which can range from feline to reptilian to somewhere in between, and they all have hair and slitted eyes.
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