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 Tawfretian Vampires

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PostSubject: Tawfretian Vampires   Tawfretian Vampires EmptyThu Jan 25, 2018 4:51 am

There's two different types of vampires: Pureblood, and Manmade. The pureblood ones are born that way, the manmade ones started in an attempt by mortals to achieve vampiric power.

The pureblood vampires are much stronger with weaker weaknesses, being able to manipulate their blood, regenerate lost limbs, heal non-silver and non-fire damage almost instantly, and are superhumanly quick and strong, among other things like not needing to breathe. Their weaknesses are simply that their powers don't function in sunlight, they can be paralyzed with stakes through the heart, and that silver and fire do much more damage to them, along with holy objects burning them. They're also capable of things like melding with shadows, turning into mist, summoning and controlling bats, and other things. They are incapable of turning mortals into vampires, and the misconception that they can(among other misconceptions) come from the manmade sort.

The manmade ones, on the other hand, are more traditional vampires. The type that burns to death in the sunlight, can't eat garlic, burns in running water, and will practically die instantly to being set on fire or cut/shot/beaten lethally with silver. Holy objects(including silver) are much more effective on them, to a point where a big enough splash of holy water has been known to instantly kill one, and something like a cross doesn't have to be used by someone with true faith. A single bite from them is infectious(and someone bitten will turn even if they're entirely drained), and unless ones willpower is strong they'll often be controlled by instincts that bring out the worst in them.

The purebloods are often hunting the manmade ones, considering them total mockeries of them and knowing how much of a threat they are to everyone else. Unfortunately, the purebloods and manmade are seen as working together by everyone else, and often a vampire hunter will go after either one.
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Tawfretian Vampires
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