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 Cyrille Locke, Hunter of demons

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PostSubject: Cyrille Locke, Hunter of demons   Tue Dec 12, 2017 6:21 am

Player ID: Crazyzealot
Character name: Cyrille Locke
Race: Vampire, pureblood.
Body Shape: Humanoid
Age: Age-locked to 20, several centuries old.
Gender: Female
Height: 5'6"
Weight: Average
Appearance: A humanoid woman with a toned build, with short white hair with bangs that frequently cover her left eye and rather large breasts. Cyan eyes, with an unnatural glow to them. Unnaturally pale skin. Pointed ears.
Known Languages: Common, French, Demonic
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Based off of what show/game/etc: Bloodborne, Castlevania, Evil Dead, World of Darkness.
Personality: Rather quiet and shy in more social situations, cocky in combat situations.
Strengths: Her vampirism her makes her capable of healing by injecting herself with blood, drinking blood, and even soaking her open wounds in blood. Has superhuman speed and strength, along with a natural healing factor.
Weaknesses: Her healing doesn't function in direct sunlight(or is very much slowed down if she's using blood healing). Can be paralyzed by being impaled through the heart by a wood stake or silver blade until it's pulled out. Wounds caused by silver weapons take much longer to heal, and leave burns on her skin until it heals.
Other: Pansexual, though only romantically interested in women.
Equipment: Her duster, with a hood. Numerous throwing knives, poisons(which her supernatural blood makes her immune to), even alchemical grenades. Along with vials of blood with which to heal herself
Character History: Cyrille was born a vampire, rather than turned, born from a royal bloodline. She joined up with another vampire named Victoria who later became her wife, and a man named Silas Cayman. They worked as a good demon hunting team for a while, eventually seeing the development of their home country of Argos into a very advanced place in the late 1800s.
Argosian scientists hired the team to go underground to explore the various, constantly shifting labyrinths, which were caused by the connection to some gates to other dimensions. They fought numerous strange creatures, and a lot of undead, before finding the death gate. Along with artifacts pulled from the death gate. They took what they found and came back to the surface, opening a town portal that leads straight to that room.
Things went fine for a while, until Silas was captured by hunters after a job gone wrong, tortured for several decades and otherwise being broken. When they eventually did find him, he was severely messed up. And angry. When they took him back to Argos, he stumbled into the room with the death artifacts, and used them to drop his permanently broken body to ascend to the form of a death god. This required many sacrifices, including the entire population of Argos. And it also required another pureblood vampire's final death, which he achieved by killing Victoria right in front of Cyrille, becoming the death god Maltorias
He simply left, wounding Cyrille and leaving her INCREDIBLY angry, left behind in a ruined city filled with the undead. She had no idea what the hell to do, since taking him on by herself was a good way to end up like her dead wife. Cyrille simply took her equipment and left, becoming a lone wandering mercenary again, eventually becoming a well known demon hunter even in the modern day. While also collecting artifacts and looking into ways to kill the bastard who killed her wife.

Visceral attack: After staggering an opponent, she rams her hand through their chest, shifting her hand into a beast claw in the same motion, and ripping anything she can out, her hand shifting back immediately afterward. Anything she wears on that hand seems to shift along with it, leaving it unharmed.
Blood healing: Splashing(something else's, of course) blood on her open wounds or injecting blood into herself seems to heal any wounds she takes on during combat.
Blood drink: She is capable of drinking blood to heal herself, having to do this at least once a week to keep herself active, otherwise her body goes entirely dormant until someone forcefeeds her blood. She is capable of doing this through her claws as well, somehow. It does not need to be lethal unless she makes it that way, and it does not "infect" anyone.
Blood wave: If her sword is coated in blood(whether hers or an enemy's) she is capable of sending it forward in a shockwave, the blood solidifying and cutting into her target.
Blood missile: Able to fire explosive bolts made out of crystallized blood.
Shadow whip: Is capable of turning her blood into a whip, usually using it as a weapon when she is disarmed.
Shadow daggers: Able to turn her blood into throwing knives as well.
Celerity: She is capable of moving quickly enough that she actually vanishes from sight while dodging, while also moving fast enough to leave blurry afterimages behind, though she has to actively use this ability.

Medieval weapons:
A simple longsword
A silver longsword

Weapons:(She generally only uses one weapon other than the Victoria in post-medieval times, leaving the rest at her office, locked in a container that can only be opened with her blood. All of them are made out of a very strong, difficult to break metal)
Her sword: A sort of half-katana, half saber. Has the hilt and guard of a saber, with the blade of a katana. An enchanted blade that is able to boost its cutting power by being soaked in blood, whether the user's or an enemy's, along with repairing any damage it takes through the same method. This is her primary weapon, a traditional vampire weapon passed down her family.
Victoria: Named after a deceased wife of hers, Victoria Locke. Covered in engravings, its bullets are enhanced to be able to damage beasts and demons using the blood of its user.
Victoria II: A more modern variation of her original pistol, a more modern handgun(a colt M1911) covered in magic runes. Rather than enhance her bullets with her blood, it's simply enhanced by magic runes.
Blade of Mercy: A blade specifically designed to kill vampires, lined with silver though mostly built out of a special kind of metal salvaged from meteors. It is a curved sword that is actually two curved blades magnetically combined, which the user is able to split apart into two small swords. Cyrille gained it after being painfully stabbed and nearly killed by it after its former user, Silas Cayman, stabbed her with it and left her to die.
Weapon Abilities: (if applicable)
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Cyrille Locke, Hunter of demons
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