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 Cyrille Locke

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The Pinkest Catgirl

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PostSubject: Cyrille Locke   Sat Nov 18, 2017 6:09 pm

Player ID: Crazyzealot


Character name: Cyrille Locke.
Race: Full-body cyborg
Age: Always appears to be in her 20s, 24
Gender: Female
Height: 6'1"
Weight: Light
Appearance: Appears to be a human woman with a toned build, with short white hair with bangs that frequently cover her left eye and rather large breasts. Has a bar code on her shoulder and manufacturing markings(Including model numbers) on different parts of her body, along with clearly synthetic glowing blue eyes that she usually covers with sunglasses, along with seams along her body for easy attachment of replacement limbs.
Armor appearance:[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Personality: Professional, sometimes cocky and sarcastic. Occasionally flirtatious around women.
Strengths: Nanotech regeneration(Powered by absorbing shield energy from enemies, otherwise it's slower). Combat training including hand to hand combat, usually uses this rather than melee weapons.
Weaknesses: If her actual brain is destroyed she's down permanently, though with the armored casing this is difficult to do.
Known Languages: Most known languages due to a translator in her cyberbrain.


Faction/Organization: Former crime-hunter, Mercenary
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


<=-----=>Character History: Cyrille was badly injured at a young age, her body replaced with a fully cybernetic one. She worked as a cop on her home planet of Argos(A neutral but very technologically advanced planet), or rather the equivalent of a bounty hunter working for the planet's government, part of a team of special forces police that was assembled due to numerous large gang wars in the undercities. After a while, she left due to not making enough money, since she owed money for the cyberbody. She became a mercenary criminal, known on the world as a Shadowrunner. Assassination, heists, corporate espionage, she did pretty much anything for money and for anyone, until she eventually made enough to both pay off her body and leave the planet. At this point, she was having a little too much fun with her work, simply taking mercenary contracts for fun, avoiding most of the boring sounding missions.

Eventually she left the planet, going to other worlds to explore.

Other: Lesbian
All of her equipment can be warped in using virtual storage space, materializing her weapons from pure energy.

  • Two pistols with numerous settings, including regular rounds, armor piercing, disruptor(anti-shields), explosive, silencer, stun and more. It's made to self destruct(or electrify, there's a setting) if an unauthorized person holds it. Usually only uses one.
  • A slugthrower assault rifle, with as many settings as the pistols.
  • A shotgun with a suppressor option, in addition to options for dragon's breath, slugs, and more.
  • A sniper rifle that can fire tranquilizers, anti materiel rounds, and sticky shocker stun rounds. Internally suppressed.
  • A modular rifle that can fire several types of energy weapons based on Chozo arm cannon technology. Can be customized into an assault rifle, shotgun, or sniper rifle depending on attachments or settings.(Only one of two of the rifles is used at a time)
  • An electric stun rod, can be overcharged to be lethal.
  • A vibro-combat knife
  • Vibrosword: A thin, slightly curved blade. Much more durable than it looks.

Theme music:
Shots Fired:
Abilities/Body features:

-Ship 1-
Ship Name: Scythe
Ship Type: Scythe class fighter-cycle, Fighter form
Weapon Systems: Rapid fire plasma cannons and machine guns, high explosive rocket launchers. EMP generator and hacking system.
Attachments: Cloaking device that links with the user, cloaking them too
Other: Transformation system, able to turn into a very fast moving and quiet(engine-wise) motorcycle. Is also able to be used as a submarine vehicle for the rare cases where such a thing is needed, by sealing itself entirely.
-Ship 1 alt form-
Ship Type: Scythe class fighter-cycle, motorcycle form
Weapon Systems: Rapid fire machine guns with settings for energy weapons and bullet projectiles, a heavy cannon that can fire several different forms of projectiles in addition to energy weapons. Electromagnetic pulse generator, long range hacking device to mess with the systems of other vehicles.
Attachments: Cloaking device, grappling hook. Boosters.
Other: Very maneuverable. Entirely enclosed like the fighter form. Silent engine.
Registered to the Name of: Cyrille Locke

-Ship 2-
Ship Name: Molgeus
Ship Type: Falcon-Class Space Transport
Weapon Systems: Rotary plasma cannon, missile launchers in several places. Two forward facing plasma cannons
Attachments: Direct-link module for cyberbodies, enhanced shielding, enhanced engines,
Other: Two large cargo holds, one converted for use of storing prisoners. Mostly crewed by AI when Locke isn't in control, with a teleportation link to the ship used for extracting prisoners.

-Her car-
Vehicle Type: Argomotors Hunter-class supercar
Weapon Systems: Machine guns, rocket launchers, EMP device,
Attachments: Rocket boosters, grappling hooks, cloaking device, jump jets.
Other: Retractable harnesses in the back and passenger seat for holding captured enemies. Electric silent engine, wheels able to shift to repulsors for the purpose of hovering. Heavily reinforced armor along with bulletproof windows. Silver paintjob.

-Miscellaneous thing-
Her drone
Appearance: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
"Name": Sparky
Type(?): A drone created using technology on her planet.
Weapon systems: Small machine gun, can be switched out for an energy weapon, or fire nonlethal shock knockout rounds. Charged high intensity laser blast capable of damaging ship plating.
Other systems:
-Remote control - Can be remotely controlled by Cyrille due to her link with it. Otherwise it operates on command.
-Cloaking system
-Energy shielding.
-Energy wall - Can create a wall of shielding energy.
-Hard Light materialization - It is summoned at Cyrille's will, or automatically if her body is determined to be badly damaged and she is unconscious/deactivated.
-Flash detonation - It can send out a flash bang-like explosion, blinding everyone around it.
-Remote hacking using Scan Visor technology.
-Remote viewing - she constantly sees from its camera like a third eye when it's out

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The Pinkest Catgirl

Posts : 377
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PostSubject: Re: Cyrille Locke   Fri Nov 24, 2017 9:01 am

I...Kinda wanted to give her a James Bond car. I figure both her and Talon have cars, with Cyrille's being much more futuristic and Talon's being more Mad Max-y
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Cyrille Locke
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