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 World/Realm Template

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World/Realm Template Empty
PostSubject: World/Realm Template   World/Realm Template EmptyWed Oct 11, 2017 11:12 pm

World Creator: (Whoever made the world, use your account name please)
Name of World:
World Description: (A little detail of the world itself)
World Affiliation: (What other worlds this is affiliated to, also add if it is closed off, open to any team, or invitation is availible)

Land/Area Creator:
Name of Land: (Typically whats the country called?)
Land Description: (What inhabits the land and what is it like? This includes castles, cities, forests, etc.)
Land Affiliation: (Same as World Affiliation)


World Creator:
World Name:
World Description:
World Affiliation:

Land Creator:
Land Name:
Land Description:
Land Affiliation:
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The Pinkest Catgirl
The Pinkest Catgirl

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World/Realm Template Empty
PostSubject: Re: World/Realm Template   World/Realm Template EmptyFri Oct 13, 2017 2:18 am

This seems like a good template, I'll move this to rules.
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World/Realm Template
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