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 Immortan Krogg

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The Pinkest Catgirl
The Pinkest Catgirl

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PostSubject: Immortan Krogg   Sun Aug 13, 2017 5:47 pm

Player ID: Pinkest Catgirl
Character name: Immortan Krogg
Race: Orc
Body Shape: Humanoid
Age: 350
Gender: Male
Height: 10 feet tall
Weight: Very heavy
Appearance: An incredibly muscular being, covered in scar tissue(Including burn scars) and wearing the rather fancy armor signifying him as a war chief, along with having a broken left tusk and a cybernetic eye.
Known Languages: Orcish, English(known by most Orcs, just...spoken differently)
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Based off of what show/game/etc: Warhammer 40K, Mad Max
Personality: Surprisingly intelligent, which is required to rule Orcs, while still being an incredibly brutal person. Often likes to make kills take as long as possible, unless it's a duel.
Strengths: Incredibly physically strong even for an Orc, to a point of being able to win most fights bare handed. Like all Orcs, he is capable of surviving much more than a normal human can take. Charismatic leader(At least for an Orc)
Weaknesses: While he is hard to kill, he is very much mortal.
Likes/Dislikes: Human and elven women("Collects" them with explosive slave collars, along with the occasional pretty male...), a good fight, good drinks/Other races, weapons, magic
Sexuality: Really doesn't care.
Other: Lives in the Zharkonus region of Tawfret.
Equipment: Just his armor
Character History: An Orcish general back in the Human-Orc wars who fought in many battles and won, he was also one of the survivors of the magi-nuke strikes. Uniting a large group of survivors, he created his own tribe known imaginatively as Krogg's Legion. Unfortunately, a large number of other Orc generals decided they wanted to rule themselves, and it led to endless conflict. He was known as Immortan Krogg due to how many battles he had survived, surviving things that even normal Orcs couldn't survive such as having a blade rammed into his throat.

(Only applies if character has abilities or techniques)
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Immortan Krogg
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