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 The Nine Demon-Beasts

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The Nine Demon-Beasts Empty
PostSubject: The Nine Demon-Beasts   The Nine Demon-Beasts EmptyThu Jul 13, 2017 4:34 am

The First; Sepulchure: The Destroyer, The Unmaker, Decay, Death, Chaos, The End. Potential, Rebirth, Time, That which give to all from themselves so that existence may continue. Sepulchre is all of these, they are Entropy, Destruction, and Chaos, in that order. They give to existence Senescence so that it may gradually fall and be ready. They give all Destruction so that new can be born from the. Chaos, born from that which is Destroyed, this raw potential is then given to
The Second; Rechoolus(Formerly localized as "Ochelain")[CH pronounced more like SH]: The Creator, Growth, Life, Order, The Shaper, The Beginning, That which Takes from all so that there can be. Stagnation, The Endless Abyss, The giver of True Eternity. Rechoolus is all of these, they are Order, Creation, and Syntropy, in that order. They give order and Stability to the Chaos. They take this and from it Create the new, which they give. Syntropy, that all may grow from its start and become new, feeding from the Chaos and growing strong in and from it.
These Entities are necessary for all of reality, without them there would be the Abyss, that which has infinite potential but no form, or Stagnation, that which has infinite form and no potential. They work together and make balance from the extremes, this is all that is.

(WIP, just wanted to get these concepts out before they flew off, never to be seen or heard from again. Paints them as less of a "Black and White", "Good and Evil" type thing, and more of a "Shades of grey that are all necessary to see the beauty that is everything" sort. You should look forward to (though don't hold your breath for) the Seven "Sins". All of these things in this post are...recent "Revelations" of mine. So're these)
Sepulchre is a Blinding, brilliant white of infinite brightness at the center, growing darker and more shaded as you look outward, until at the edge, they are the deepest, emptiest black.
Rechoolus is a brilliant and vibrant rainbow, made up of all the colors you know, and infinite more, it is impossible to truly tell where one color starts, and another ends. This view is from all angles. At the edges, the infinite colors blend into a vibrant pseudo white.
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The Nine Demon-Beasts
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