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 Arcturus Hawke

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PostSubject: Arcturus Hawke   Mon Jul 10, 2017 4:36 am

Player ID: Pinkest Catgirl
Character name: Arcturus Hawke
Race: (Somewhat) Human(Hawke Bloodline)
Body Shape: Humanoid
Age: 60
Gender: Male
Height: Tall
Weight: Kinda heavy
Appearance: A muscular man with long black, whitening hair and thick facial hair, with two mana-powered prosthetic arms, both etched with magic runes that allow him to fight demons barehanded. Wears a sleeveless overcoat.
Known Languages: English, Demonic, Vampiric.
Alignment: Lawful Good
Based off of what show/game/etc: Castlevania, Diablo
Strengths: Magically enhanced strength, speed, and dexterity. Able to focus magic into his prosthetic arms to infuse himself with super strength. Capable of very quick healing just by eating, and regeneration otherwise.
Weaknesses: Decapitation
Other: Father of Talon Hawke and her brothers and sisters.
Character History: A member of the long line of Demon Hunters in the Hawke family, he has seen many battles, both with humans and beasts. He has slain several demon lords, earning both the hatred and respect of the Hells.

Like every Hawke, he has trained his sons and daughters in combat, though a lot of it they had to figure out on their own as they had their own mutations to deal with. When the merging happened, him and his family fought off the forces of Hell alongside other demon hunting orders, but were betrayed when the other orders united as the Tawfret empire and decided the Hawkes weren't needed anymore. Managing to escape the massive ambush with his immediate family, they fled back to Castle Hawke, with them and some ancient noncombatants being the only survivors. In a move of desperation, he cast a spell to move the castle into a dimensional rift that could only be accessed by them, giving them at least one safe place. Now him and his children were on their own, with both the demons and people of the planet as immediate threats.

(Only applies if character has abilities or techniques)
-Soul whip: He is able to project energy whips powered by his own soul, though his are also infused with mana from his arms, making his hit the hardest. As with the rest of them, this comes with soul absorption.
-Holy wings: Able to project wings from his back in order to double jump or glide.
-Earth manipulation: His personal magic atunement is with earth-based abilities, capable of ripping rocks out of the ground to toss them at enemies, making rock spikes come out of the ground, rock armor, and other things like that.

(Only applies if character has weapons)
Holy water bottles, used as bombs
Bound axe: A large battle axe covered in runes, his preferred weapon in combat. Soul bound.
Wrist grenade launchers/Shotguns: Able to materialize grenade launchers or shotguns from his arms using a form of alchemy. They're loaded magically.
Wrist blades: Like the grenade launchers, able to alchemically convert his arms into blades.
Weapon Abilities: (if applicable)
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Arcturus Hawke
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