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 Trelix the Undamned

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PostSubject: Trelix the Undamned   Trelix the Undamned EmptyFri Jun 02, 2017 1:30 am

Player ID: Sepulchre
Character Type: PC
Assumed Name/Alias: The Undamned
Character name: Trelix
Race: Human
Body Shape: Humanoid
Age: Immeasurable (A human who died and went to Hell, Hell has no set notion of time, time functioning simultaneously infinitely quicker and slower than on earth. His "Age" is literally immeasurable because of this), died at 22 years 4 months 18 days.
Gender: Male
Height: 6'7"
Weight: 242 pounds
Appearance: A large man with a tightly built body of thick muscle, he has a more athletic musculature than a builder type, having the appearance of a long time martial artist. His face is of a rather "Average" structure, utterly unremarkable (this is due to being broken down in Hell, and identifying features eroding over time), most notable about him is the large scar crossing from the right side of his forehead down over his nose to about the middle of his left cheek, which is at that point bisected into an "X" shape by another scar, his ghostly white hair, and his deep red eyes. Most of his body is covered in long white scars that stand out starkly against his tan skin. In times of extreme stress or exertion, these scars seem to open up and glow red-orange, emanating the power of Hell itself.
Known Languages: English, Hell-common
Alignment: Neutral
Prime Sin: Lost
Based off of what show/game/etc: OC (Original Character)
Personality: A dark loner type, prefers to run solo and avoid interaction. Kindness and "warmth" seem rather lost on him, and he .... well, actually, that about sums it up. Basically, he's one or two steps short of being a full on psychopath. Or, more accurately, sociopath.
Strengths: Highly trained body, extremely skilled in combat, incredible reflexes, capable of dealing with just about any type of opponent due to having fought at least one example of pretty much any possible foe in Hell.
Weaknesses: Despite having literally fought his way from the pits of Hell back up to the world of the living, he's only human. Intense training, long earned skill, so-on so-forth or no, nothing can change the fact that one good shot is all it takes to kill him, he can't fight what's far away without weapons, and all other weaknesses that are traits of the human condition.
Likes/Dislikes: unknown
Theme Song: none
Equipment: thin fabric clothing with high durability
Character History: Trelix was, and in many ways (enough to make me put it as his race) still is, human. He was a horrid bastard, an evil man to the core, one capable of untold (and untellable) atrocities. He committed murder, theft, rape(?), pretty much the defining action of each of the seven sins and then some time and time again. Well, it's pretty obvious where he went when this man (whose name is lost in the annals of history) died, right? This event, the death of this horrendous beast who could barely be identified as human, was the beginning of an age of peace on earth (strangely enough), and an age of darkness unlike any other in Hell. When he arrived, like all other damned souls, the man who would come to be known as Trelix was placed under the supervision of demons. Unlike other damned souls, he was placed under the supervision of 86 different archdemons because of just how much he had done on Earth. For what could have been eons or even eras, he was tortured by his supervisors. But...well. It should be obvious by the wording what happened. Somehow, Trelix managed to escape whatever method of confinement they had him under, and when he did, his reign of terror over Hell began. Or more accurately, his frenzied battle to escape the deepest pits. It took him ages (in a close to literal sense) to escape his prison...or, (once more) more accurately, his cell block. In that time, he learned how to stand up to most types of foe by constantly fighting against his demonic adversaries, gaining the skills and knowledge to take down flying foes, large foes, small foes, enemies with extra limbs, and so on. His combat training continued once in the upper reaches of Hell, as he fought ever more varied foes on his journey to find an escape. Somewhere in there he decided to take up the name Trelix (though it's uncertain exactly when or why). Now, from what has been stated above, it should be obvious that eventually he managed to escape Hell altogether. When he did, he gained something of a title, and something of a last name (or he uses it as one anyway): "The Undamned". Upon escaping from Hell, he formed a new body from raw material (something of a right granted to those who manage the incredible feat of fighting their way out of Hell itself), which was in the form of his soul. Any who had known him in his first life would never recognize him reborn, for everything that had been of him, everything that could identify him as himself (down to the mental and spiritual aspects) had been tortured away. Whoever he was now, he was no longer the man who had been thrown into Hell for atrocities against all that was. He now truly was "Trelix the Undamned". an accomplished demon killer and general fighter.
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Trelix the Undamned
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