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 Gene X-13A7

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PostSubject: Gene X-13A7   Mon Jul 30, 2012 11:41 pm

player ID: christen MX
character name: Gene X-13A7 (pronounced Gene like the pants or the DNA type thing, then the last name is just the letter X not the sound. he end is a serial number, it is pronounced like it looks: thirteen, letter A ,seven)
race:Predator DNA (16 4/6%) , space pirate (16 4/6%), metroid (33 1/3%), and 33 1/3% of Alien/xenomorph DNA
body shape: non-humanoid
age: unidentified
gender: neither, or at least not identifiable from regular signs.
height: 9'3 (suit is just a form of powerful body armor) but walks more quadrupedaly in stance, so is usually only 5'3
weight: 468 pounds (without suit) 784 pounds (with suit)
known languages: speaks only in some form of screech, which is hard to understand, but it is possible to, understands the same language, English, and metroid
appearance: has four fingers on each hand, all clawed, long, and skinny, almost like clawed bones, has a long bladed tail with spines running along it up to the back, which then sprout from the back in two sets facing outward from the spine, though that is not where they originate, the tail begins at the end of the tail bone, all parts of it's body have a green tint to them, it's legs are much longer than a humans, and also clawed, though less so than the fingers. it has mandibles, long ones, that cover it's demonic (exaggeration of it's scary ness) mouth, which has a set of amazingly powerful jaws, tongue the tongue has a set of jaws of it's own, very powerful, and the suit accentuates all it's features up to the head, but leaves the head mostly uncovered.
alignment: good *questioning, confused tone*?
Based off of what show/game/etc: Alien, Alien VS predator, metroid, Predator (last movie, Predators)
personality: obeys it's creator to the letter, only going on approved missions, and only doing the things that are approved for it. that really is the extent of it's personality.
strengths: it is physically incredibly strong, it's entire body is a weapon, it is able to jump very high, and it can cling to walls, it is also quite intelligent, despite the way it would seem to any teammates on missions.
weaknesses: without it's armor it is very vulnerable to thermal shock, and it's exoskeleton, despite being durable, is easily able to be pierced by weapons made for piercing things, and it's exoskeleton can be melted through with ease by plasma.
likes: succeeding in missions, fulfilling it's promises, and destroying it's enemies.
dislikes: failing, having to go back on a promise, or the one promised to being killed before the promise is fulfilled.
equipment: bio-suit that fit's it perfectly and enhances it's exo-skeleton's durability while in use, as well as providing extra cutting power to the claws, and extra strength to the whole body, this suit covers all but the head (aside from the mouth, that it covers with something that allows breathing in any atmosphere), and this includes the tail. has an energy siphon system inside of the suit that allows for useage of the metroid side. a small plasma cannon on the left shoulder that fires, quickly, shots that eat through most bio-materials with ease
character history: created in a lab, as all it's kind are/were, Gene X number 13, group A7, was more efficient than most it's kind, and instead of being sold as a guardian to some group across the stars, was kept by it's creator, given free will (though it rarely uses it) more power, more intelligence, and armor for protection. it was then told that it could go on approved bounty hunting missions if they are approved for it. it has been doing so since it's creation.

Abilities/Techniques: Gene can spry it's blood with incredible force if cut, this is a powerful weapon, and it's saliva is an extremely powerful acid (Watch Alien: Resurrection to understand, in one scene, an Alien spits out acid with only slightly less acidity as the blood...I guess you don't need to watch it after all huh?)
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Gene X-13A7
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