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 General Rules

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General Rules Empty
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Da Rules

1. Reduce swearing to a minimum. They can be used, just not too much.

2. Respect other people and their opinions. We all have different views, so just deal with it.

3. No porn or hentai allowed. If I see any signs of this anywhere, you will be banned without warning.
Only goes for pictures, if you have a questions ask one of the Admins or Mods.

4. No advertising anything on the site. All advertisements will be removed, and the profiles will follow their fate. If you wish to be an affiliate, then apply for it in the affiliates section.

5. Stay active. Don't just make a few characters and leave. It takes up space and a waste of your time too.
If you're not gonna be active for a while due to certain reasons, post it in the introductions and leaves section.

6. Becoming an Admin or a Mod takes trust. So don't ask for it.

7. Don't steal our shit. We all work hard for putting up and maintaining the site.

8. Posting on peoples profiles is forbidden. Only us managers can do that, cause it's our job to approve or deny them.

9. No spamming other members to join your site. It gets annoying.

10. No sexual content is allowed on this site. If an RP gets to a sexual part, continue it in PMs and blackout until after in the RP thread.

11. No using multiple accounts allowed. If we find out someone is doing it, we will ban all accounts to the person.

12. DO NOT bring drama from your life onto the forum and/or blame someone else. It will NOT be tolerated.

13. Please put your REAL age on your profile.

14. Don't be an asshole. Things like poking at other members to make them get agitated or starting fights will lead to a 2 day ban. Each offense after the first will induce another temporary ban a day longer.
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General Rules
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